Sunday, September 6, 2020

Labor Day Weekend


This week it feels as if summer is gone for good.  It has been cold and often rainy and I have used a quilt to cover myself every time I sat for any length of time.   It has been a strange week, too, as the construction company was finally able to complete our new roof, blocking us into the house and garage for hours at a time.  It was strange to me that I chaffed at being blocked in even though I didn't need to go anywhere;  I just like having the option, I guess.

The cooler weather seems to have given me a bit more energy, although my feet still hurt enough that I cannot walk or stand for any length of time without discomfort.   I roasted and pureed half a bushel of tomatoes to freeze, stripped a pile of corn on the cob to freeze for winter soups, made a delicious vegetable soup with all the leftovers, and did a variety of other neglected kitchen tasks.  I am still baking bread at least weekly and we cannot imagine ever going back to "store bought" at this point.

In the sewing room, I finally got to work on the two "quarantine" lap quilts I have wanted to make for my grandchildren as Christmas gifts and was making good progress until my embroidery machine threw the embroidery foot and lodged a needle somewhere deep down below the bobbin mechanism, freezing the machine and forcing me to stop.  Since the quilt shop/Babylock dealer is closed down for the holiday weekend and still has limited hours because of the pandemic, this will stop me cold for at least a couple of weeks.  Although I am not happy about this since it has taken me months to get motivated, there is plenty of other sewing work for me to do if I can just keep the momentum going.

I arranged some of Jack's furniture downstairs near the wood burning fireplace which I finally had inspected but we still haven't lit.  We have gas logs in the upstairs fireplace and they are so convenient that I am spoiled by the ability to just turn a knob and have a fire.  But I have fantasies of having our families here with fires going in both rooms so that people can spread out and visit.  I do not expect that will happen this winter because the virus numbers are still so volatile, but at least the fireplace rooms will be ready.

Which is not to say that the house itself is "ready."  This is a big house, much bigger than we need or even wanted. We bought it because it is in the city, near hospitals and shops, but still has a country feel because of all the  trees.   I could easily do without the entire lower level but since it's there, we really need to get it organized.  Oh, and the sewing room; we really need to get that organized, too, and I have no excuse for not doing it.  It could easily be another year before we are really 'moved in' in any truly meaningful way.  The pandemic has provided the opportunity, but not the motivation, so the work still waits to be done.

My sister was finally released from the rehab facility a day ago, even though she is far from well.  She still tests positive for the virus and has been warned that she is still at high risk for heart attack or stroke and advised to spend her time sitting except when the visiting nurse stops by to help her with mild physical therapy.  She is happy to be home, but since we cannot visit her, I am more anxious now that there is no one always there with her. She told me that she woke up last night, for instance, and did not know where she was, and fortunately did not cause herself any harm when she tried to get out of the bed on the wrong side, thinking she was in the hospital.   Her son lives nearby so she is not uncared for, but I do not like being so far away.

I have been slow to hang pictures or photos in this house because I was waiting for Jack's furniture and also to purchase the few pieces that we know we will want to replace.  But I finally went ahead and hung a number of family photos just because I miss them all and we are enjoying them even more than we might have in other years.  I smile every time I look at the sweet faces of my grandchildren, and seeing our children and siblings also warms my heart.   I think I will start hanging other things on the walls now that I realize how much more homey it makes things feel and how much it lifts our spirits.

Now that we have an outdoor grill and are cooking outside a bit, we set up an old wrought iron table and chairs so that we can eat outdoors when the weather is pleasant.  We bought a chiminea this week and enjoyed our first outdoor fire, using for fuel the many small branches that our trees provide with every storm.  

I am planning to brave going out for a haircut this week!     The salon I go to is careful about limiting the number of people they allow in at one time, and careful about wearing masks and keeping as much distance as possible, but I am still more nervous than I'd like.  I am not sure when my mountain-man spouse will choose to do the same.  By contrast, the Barber shops near us where Jack might go are less careful, so Jack is in no hurry.   Fine with me.

Best news of all, my son's family is planning to stop over for an hour this weekend to visit.  It will be a short visit by plan, and we will stay outside and use masks and distance, because they are back working "in the world" and they are afraid of accidentally bringing the virus to us, especially after our scare with my sister.  I am so eager to see them, this will be a definite high point and will sweeten summer's passing.    


Marie Louise said...

Well it sounds that you have had a busy week with all the improvements in and on your house. I agree: keep the momentum going and you feel so good about yourself. Do not be too scared about your haircut. I cannot imagine the hairdressers going to work when they are not feeling well. They know the concenquences. It is nice that your sister is finally well enough to go home again although I can imagine that you worry, but there is nothing you can do about the situation Gail, especially when she even still tests positive.
I hope you had a nice visit from your son and his family. I know how uplifting it is to see your children in person.
Enjoy your backed bread, oh the smell of it in the house... hmmm...

Barbara said...

It all looks so nice and cozy. Bummer about your machine. I know how that is when you finally get some momentum going and have to stop dead in your tracks. I’ve been to get my hair cut a couple of times, and no worries about that. On the other hand, I’ve called a halt to pedicures. It’s a large salon and all the people working there, my tech included, are wearing just the face shields, which don’t prevent the spread of the virus. I canceled all future appointments and told her why with a link to a video demonstration. Not really expecting any changes there, so I guess I’ll go with ugly toes for a while. Better than COVID toes.