Thursday, December 31, 2020

Fingers Crossed for 2021

Except for a few teenagers who got their first drivers' licenses or first serious girl/boyfriends this year, no one I know has had anything good to say about 2020.  And while we all know that expecting things to change at the turn of a calendar page is superstition, pure and simple, the new year does seem a natural time to reflect and evaluate this arbitrary time frame we call 2020.

In my life things are as good as anyone in their right mind could hope, and have been all year.  Even so, looking back, it doesn't look good.  From my shoulder surgery in January, to my brother's broken back at the end of February, to the Covid quarantine that kept us from our families starting in March, to my sister's hospitalizations in August, September, October and December, and her ongoing side effects from Covid-19,  to the many relatives on Jack's side who have been diagnosed with the virus, things have been tough.   And frankly, since there is no bright line between 'then' and 'now', I consider myself an optimist by merely hoping that things will get no worse.  And so, as I have been telling those who ask, my resolution for 2021 is to do the best I can to stay alive. Nothing more.   If the people I love will do the same, it will be a very good year, indeed.  Anything else good that comes my way will be the cherry on the cake.

Happy New Year.  Stay safe out there.

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Barbara said...

Great way to look at the new year. I keep reminding myself and others that there’s no magic in year. It does bring hope though. Here’s to low expectations.