Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Second Anniversary

Jack and I quietly celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week.  We took little note of the first and this year we had no choice but the celebrate without fanfare.  After missing the boat entirely last year we had promised each other, at a minimum, a nice dinner out, but those plans, like so many others, were changed by the pandemic.  At first I planned to cook but we decided that we would order a carryout meal for dinner instead.  That way I wouldn't have to fuss and we would be able to support a local business, even if a carry out meal is never quite as good as either a restaurant or home cooked meal.  But even that was not so easy because we discovered that our first and second choice restaurants are entirely closed.  So we settled on one of the only places open for take out, a local smokehouse.  Although I set place settings on the table, we ended up eating out of the provided containers because it seemed like moving the food to a plate was only going to make it less hot than it already was.  I wore the dress I was married in and we added a candle and a bottle of wine to dinner and called it  good.   A second anniversary, we learned from Mr. Google, calls for cotton or china gifts.  I created a piece of cotton fabric from scraps for a card and embroidered element 2 (Helium) from the periodic table onto a cotton shirt for my chemical engineer husband.    Jack gave me a china ornament for our tree.

I suppose like all marriages, ours seems both longer and shorter than two years.  I suppose it seems shorter because we have been nearly constant companions since 2012.  I guess it seems longer because we are well settled in, and because there have already been a fair number of changes.   In these two years, after over a year of my providing our only transportation,  Jack started driving again after being "grounded" after his strokes.  I sold my house and we bought another, but many of our plans for this house are still on hold; the huge flood that impacted much of our area and neighborhood has put workmen in short supply.  One of our wedding guests went onto hospice care, went back off again, and is doing well, against all odds.     One of the couples who attended our wedding is married now, and one guest, sadly, has been widowed..  Two of the children who were guests are now driving, and one was invited to join a national soccer team.  My grandchildren, who played cello and violin at our wedding, have gotten even more proficient but their orchestra has had to stop meeting because of the pandemic.  Jack's daughter got pregnant earlier this year, a quarantine baby, after he had all but given up on ever having a grandchild of his own.   We took a few mini trips to see family and a weekend at Lake Michigan, but no major traveling happened because of a variety of family illnesses and emergencies and now no plans can be made until  Covid-19 is under control.   I've damaged and repaired a variety of body parts, and several of our children have had a variety of upsets and changes, good and bad.  All in all, like all of life, these two years get a mixed review.  We are happy together, but being apart from our families has been hard.  There are, I'll admit, things from my 'single' life that I sometimes miss.  But I am not unhappy where I am, either, and I can't imagine being with anyone else.

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Marie Louise said...

Happy anniversary! The last line of your story above will be music in Jack's ears I guess.
Strange isn't it that although life seemed to get to a standstill this year, so much has happened and not all of it bad things.
We will be celebrating our anniversery next monday and to be able to eat out we will have to stay in a hotel, that is the only place which is allowed to serve diner. So that is what we are planning to do and I am really looking forward to it. The hotel is covid proof and there are only a limited number of guests allowed, so I feel rather confident in our short stay.