Sunday, January 31, 2021

End of January

I seem to have come down with Something.  It started about seven days ago; sniffly, swollen glands, generally feeling yucky and lethargic.  It is the kind of Something that would not have bothered me a bit a year ago, but now I view my symptoms with more caution and curiosity than I would have done Before the Pandemic.   I don't feel terrible but I am far from feeling good.   In an abundance of caution, we cancelled dominoes for today, and of course I feel bad about that, though I am happy not to have to plan and cook a meal, which sounds today like more work that I feel like doing.   Where do germs or viruses come from?  I have not left the house for two full weeks and the only people I have seen at all are Jack and Evan, neither of whom have been or are sick.    At Jack's request (insistence, really), I contacted my doctor and he said that if I am not better next week he will want to see me but he seemed to feel, as I do, that this is probably nothing.   Hopefully I will be right as rain by then and can skip that trip and do others instead.  I actually have a little stack of errands I would like to get done once my energy is back, and of course after my symptoms are gone because I would not want to expose anyone else to this unknown annoyance.  My biggest concern is that I not be sick whenever my 'number' comes up for the Covid vaccine.  I don't want to be bumped from that list for any reason!

Speaking of the vaccine, my much loved daughter in law got her first dose of vaccine this week!   This photo she sent made me do a happy dance!  Surely the time is coming into view when we will be able to get together again!   Everything in me aches for that day.  (And aside from that, isn't she lovely?!)  My son had his first dose a week ago and so far, neither of them have had any side effects.


Last week I was reading about a new yarn store in a quilting forum and I linked from that remark to a youtube video of a knitting demonstration, making a simple cowl.  The "teacher" said that it would take a size 15 needle so I checked my drawer and sure enough, size 15 (10mm) is one of the many needles I still have, so I ordered a skein of yarn.  I rarely try hand work anymore since my hands and wrists wear out so quickly, but this easy pattern is all knit, only 17 stitches wide and 90 rows long, so even if I can't do it an hour, I can certainly do it.  The yarn,  a washable merino, arrived quickly and now I have a new amusement to help me pretend that I am not just wasting time while I am sitting!  It's thick and nubby and works up quickly, so if this one goes well, I will make more and put them away for next Christmas.  It would be good to have a few gifts done and ready for what is alway a busy time of year.   And I know, since January flew by, that the rest of the year most likely will fly by, too.


We saw the antlered deer again this week.  Seeing them, watching the birds at the feeder, catching the occasional glimpse of other critters . . . it all calms my spirit and fills me with something  like joy.   I am constantly amazed at how fortunate I am.


Jeanne said...

Oh my, I hope your under-the-weather-ness clears up quickly and doesn't become serious! We're on the vaccine wait list here also, but not expecting to get an appointment until sometime in March.

Marie Louise said...

It is too bad that you are feeling under the weather but it is ofcourse the opportunity to get even more spoiled by Jack and enjoying the moments of doing nothing except knitting by the fireside. Nice yarn by the way.
You have a beautiful daughter in law. I hope you can see her soon.

Barbara said...

Well, I hope you feel better soon, and that indeed, this is nothing. I’d be worried about being bumped from the list too. So many people I know are getting the vaccine, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to get it. We’re not any place where we’re eligible, and even at home, they are vaccinating teachers ahead of the elderly. The soonest we can get it would be the end of February, and that is probably optimistic. Annoying for sure. Feel better soon.