Friday, January 22, 2021

Tears of Relief

I am not a television person.   It is not that I am a screen snob -- I spend countless hours on my laptop, sometimes to the neglect of virtually everything.  But I can rarely be cajoled into watching TV, even programs I actually like.  This Wednesday, Inauguration Day, was an exception.  I sat in front of the screen all day long, missing moments only to shower and do other necessaries.   And all day long, I had tears of relief running down my cheeks.  The smallest details set me off -- the Pledge of Allegiance, for instance, where for the first time I can remember, the person reciting the Pledge also signed ASL for the hearing impaired.  I realized that usually someone who is deaf must have to look up in the little box at the side and miss the actual action, but here they could watch what the rest of us were watching.   A small and so-sensitive touch that someone included in the ceremony and started my tears going like faucets. If this administration can think of that small detail, who knows what levels of inclusion might be possible?   And when I saw the assortment of bodies and races and ages and levels of talent, from very amateur to very professional,  in the Parade Across America, I lost it again.  I felt so proud of the courage and vulnerability and pure joy I was watching.   Seeing three former Presidents join together in welcome, knowing that a fourth would be there if his health had allowed, hearing the young poet, seeing the new President bouncing his baby grandson .. . it was just teardrop after teardrop all day long.   I know that the honeymoon won't last, in fact today already some people are back to being their jerky selves, but it was a day of pure  joy for me, and long overdue.  And honestly, listening to Dr. Fauci talk openly the next day about re-joining the World Health Organization and explain the science behind variants and modes of infection, without having to put a positive spin or baby-down his language, was so refreshing that I got misty all over again.  I look forward to sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing, with a President who talks like a grown up and refrains from childish personal attacks.   As I told my son, I am a happy old lady.

Even my Inauguration Day cactus got into the act.  It seems to be thinking that it might be safe to bloom again.


Barbara said...

We can all breathe a little easier. And, yes, I cried too.. All of it was so simple and normal. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off our collective shoulders.

Julierose said...

We definitely are breathing easier here, too. I can feel my shoulders going down down down and relaxing...I was teary eyed a lot during Wednesdays' feel like I do...what a total adult in the White House;)))
So Looking forward now....hugs, Julierose

Marie Louise said...

Congratulations with your new, sane, president. What a relief to watch the inauguration unfold without any unforseen acts of violence. Here in the Netherlands we were very afraid that that might happen.
I do not envy Joe Biden. What a job he has to try to bring unity to your country.