Monday, March 15, 2021

The Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March.  Perhaps I should have heeded that warning.  If I were still married to my first husband (and I am so very glad that I am not), today would have been my 47th anniversary.  There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then and I am confident that he and I are both happier now than we would have been if we were still together.

The snow has melted out back and I've spotted a hunting hawk several times over the past week or so.  The chipmunks are definitely done with their winter sleep and they and the ground squirrels seem to be everywhere again.  It is still chilly, about 15 degrees when I wake up, but warming into the 40's or even the 50's by late afternoon.   I saw what I think is the first shoot of a daffodil today, although it is still too early to be sure.   

Life seems to be slowly picking up its old rhythm lately.  Evan is still coming for dominoes every Sunday -- only two more weeks in the season!  We celebrated Pi Day, 3.14, with cherry pie and with our traditional corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and soda bread, since St. Paddy's day is this coming Wednesday.    It is one of Jack's favorite traditions, with his Irish roots and decades as a (bag)piper.


We will be getting our second vaccination this coming Thursday and just the promise of it has freed some of the frost from our imaginations.   I have scheduled a haircut, a pedicure!, and a weekend on Lake Michigan for the two of us in the weeks to come.  Best of all, my son's family will come over for Easter dinner in a couple of weeks!  All of the adults will be fully vaccinated by then and the CDC advises that we can gather safely, indoors, without masks!  I am excited beyond measure!  My brother Bill is fully vaccinated, one of Jack's sons and his wife have also gotten appointments for their first vaccine,  and so has my sister,  so we are hoping that many family reunions are just around the corner!

I've finished most of the sewing tasks I set for this month, well ahead of schedule  -- in addition to the little shamrock table-topper, I finished my Christmas tree skirt, bound another lap quilt, made another secret Santa gift (the theme this month was "under the sea"), made a green rainbow-quilt block, and embroidered the blocks for two table runners.  I forgot to take photos of the quilt and embroidered blocks, and I know I still move like molasses, but trust me, things are finally getting done!  I plan to finish the (machine) embroidered blocks and assemble them, and to make a little bunny table-topper before the month is over.  I think the combination of impending Spring and vaccine-freedom have given me a bit more energy!   I know that precautions will be necessary for some time to come.  But I am hoping that this forward-energy will continue and that perhaps, just perhaps, we are nearing the end of this year of worry.


Marie Louise said...

I just started to worry about you, thinking you might be ill or something, but instead of that you were busy sewing, baking and animalspotting. I am glad for you that you can make plans for the near future since you will be vaccinated. Here it is quite a different story, numbers are rising again at an alarming rate despite an almost total lockdown and vaccination goes at a tortoise pace, especially since the Astra-Zenaca vaccin is put on hold.
Because of the bagpipe and the Scottish kilt on your weddingday I always assumed that Jack was of Scottish descent. Happy St.Patricksday

Jeanne said...

So glad you are feeling perkier and more hopeful!

Barbara said...

Your pie looks absolutely scrumptious. I had big plans to make one, but then I wore myself out sewing. One could do worse, I suppose. Your projects all look great. I thought about corned beef and cabbage, and I have a good recipe, but I decided to stick with a pork loin and colcannon, something I discovered last year. Maybe I’ll get a pie baked for that.