Friday, December 31, 2021

The End of The Year

Today ends another year.  I recently saw a meme on Facebook where 2021 was depicted as a dumpster fire.   It made me laugh but truly, it has not been a terrible year for me.  Our family has remained mostly healthy, we all got vaccinated, baby George joined us, and we have had a ton of time with him, and I have had some pretty regular time with  my older Grands.  I plan to finish the year tonight with chocolate fondue with my son, daughter in law and the older Grands -- in person again!   Jack is not sure he will join us, Covid concerns and worry that he might not be able to see the baby if he does, but I would not miss it for the world.   Dominoes season is just around the corner.    It's all good, or at least good enough.   And yes, I am aware that it looks like it might get all bad again, because the Covid variants, Omicron at this writing, courtesy of the anti-vax people, continue to spread and change.  I worry about the baby, who is not old enough to be vaccinated.  I worry about so many of us who are at risk despite our vaccinations.  I worry about the ones of us who cannot seem to find work and wonder how long we can carry them all.  The political universe, our own democracy, are in upheaval.  But for the moment, in my little world, I am cozy and safe, and it is a happy end to the old year.

I can't claim to have been especially productive this year., but I wasn't a total slacker either  I can't prove it because my new laptop is not sure yet that it wants to be my best friend, but that will work itself out and I will surely have photo access again sometime soon.  My Secret Santa was happy with the gifts I sent to her, and that was gratifying.  I completed a few quilts in 2021.  I had my adorable new Featherweight to play with -- I pieced one small crib quilt on her.  I have a bunch of projects lined up for next year, including a planned quilt for Jack's oldest son, some larger quilts to put away for future gifts, and a number of small kits and projects to sew on the Featherweight.  Only my own laziness stands in my way.  

I hope to post again later with photos.  But whether I do or not, I wish us all a healthy, peaceful new year.  Please come in gently, 2022.

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Barbara said...

I’m glad you’re doing well. It’s looking more and more like you’ll be on the travel itinerary of the Traveling Three Cats Ranch, but not for sure and certain yet. It makes 2022 a sure bet for a good year, regardless. Stay healthy and take care. Happy New Year.