Friday, September 25, 2009

On the sunny side of the street

The GOOD news lately is that my trip with my sister was wonderful and relaxing. And a former coworker sent me a box of popcorn balls because she remembered that I like them. Life is good when all the bad things involve only money, and the good things involve family, friends, fun and food!

Karma? I demand a recount!

It isn't over yet -- add to the list these tidbits: the previous mortgage holders and title company on house #2 assured us that the foreclosure notice was a mistake. Then their repo people busted down the door and changed the locks.

And then the electric company left me a note saying that there is something wrong with a wire leading into my house from a wire they replaced earlier this month, and that they will shut off my electricity in 10 days if I don't fix it.

Consider: I do not lie cheat or steal. I do NOT cheat on my taxes. I am not generally unkind, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I do not kick puppies or small children. I am helpful and loyal, true to my girl scout upbringing. I appreciate my many blessings, I have never been greedy. Dogs and cats like me. Old people (except for my mother) have always liked me, too. I have lived a chaste life (mostly against my will, but still). I know there are many stinkers out there who have never had a string of events like I've experienced this year, and that's fine, I wish them no ill. But come on, Karma, I am not the one you are looking for!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Comedy of errors -- remind me to laugh!

To recap the previous episode fro "Gail's 2009 adventures," I committed to buy house #2 before house #1 sold, house #1 has STILL not sold, I found out that house #1 needed a new roof, I found out that house #2 needed a new roof, I had numerous sad... and frightening family experiences with a close relative in intensive care for weeks, the son of someone dear to me went to prison for smuggling cocaine in his belly (after major surgery to get it out), I lost my job, I lost st. joseph (no, he's still not back).

Yesterday I found out that I AM BEING AUDITED BY THE IRS -- apparently for things they think belong to me, but were actually part of my mother's estate. (I promise, I have never, ever lied on my taxes! Now I just have to prove it.)

Think that's all? But no!!! Today, as I get ready to leave town for a week, my son called to say that he found A FORECLOSURE NOTICE on the front door of my newly purchased house (house #2). I am definitely not in foreclosure, so this is clearly another cosmic joke. Ha. Ha.

In our next episode: will that heart-pounding-choking-fainting-feeling go away if I ply it with alcohol? If I hide under the bed? If I close my eyes? Stay tuned. Watch Gail laugh. Watch Gail laugh until she cries.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I was in such a hurry today, running from one house and tasks to another, that I left my computer cable behind . . . this means no more postin (or reading email, or playing FarmVille [sob], until the weekend of the 25th when I get back up there . . . oh how I will suffer!

Fleeting moments

My little family visit has been a roller coaster already, a reminder that things are unlikely ever to change in any permanent way. Vulnerable as a newly hatched chick, mean as a snake. What a sad and tragic combination. I leave at the end of the week for a previously planned and pre-paid trip, with a sense of guilt and relief.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake

My daughter drove up to Michigan with her dad, and will spend almost a month here. While I was waiting, I baked a cake - something I haven't done for a long time. Wow, I'd forgotten how good a fresh baked cake can be! I used the Pioneer Woman's yogurt cake recipe because I couldn't find the one for the yogurt cake I used to make. This was truly a welcome home cake, absolutely delicious!

My daughter looks wonderful, but fragile, and delicate. She is a tiny woman and has lost some weight during her difficult recovery. But she was in good spirits, happy to be here, and filled with humor and optimism; very much the child I once knew. It is good to see her this way, after so many years of demons.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Missing Person Report

Okay, I have no explanation for this. I decided to dig up St. Joseph again and move him to a different spot in my yard, and I CAN'T FIND HIM! I buried him right next to my peony (a lovely location for an exile) and he simply is not where I (thought I) left him. It's a sad world when a plastic saint would rather leave town than do his job and help me sell my house!