Sunday, August 31, 2014

August's End

Where HAS the summer gone?!    The last few weeks have been crazy.    I have worked communications at marathons, spent time with the Littles, worked on radio stuff and Morse Code,  married several couples, drilled and planned with Search and Rescue, performed several funerals, spent a lot of time at the County Fair, broke my only pair of glasses, went to many meetings, did a little cooking and baking, and worked my regular work weeks.    Whew.

Almost all of it was fun, although my last wedding had a memorable BANG to it.   We were standing outside for the ceremony and the wind picked up, which was welcome on a warm and otherwise muggy afternoon.  Unfortunately, the facility had not anchored the heavy cast iron wedding bower and it suddenly blew over, falling smack onto the back of my head.    
I was able to finish the wedding but then drove straight to urgent care, where an xray showed only soft tissue damage, thank goodness.    After a day of 800 mg motrin and self pity, I am much better, thank you, and hoping that in a few days I will truly feel back to normal.   The sweet couple is safely married, although maybe the ceremony was not quite what any of us dreamed it would be.

It has been a slow month as far as sewing goes.   I did do some crafting (shrinky dinks) with the Littles, and we painted pottery to have glazed.   We are excited to see how it turns out when we pick it up later this week!

And I finally started trying to spin wool into yarn again, with no great success.

But on the sewing front I barely started and did not finish two small projects.    I cut out fabric for another baby blanket, and chose squares for a tote bag to add to my Christmas stash.    The year is going by a lot faster than I realized, so hopefully I will complete both of those projects in September and get started on several more!

I did finish the rag quilt for my daughter in law that I didn't show in last month's post.  She liked it.   :)   I  know they are simple, but I love rag quilts, they are perfect for those chilly evenings!
 I am linking these pitiful projects up to Cat Patches monthly NewFO Linky Party because I have no shame.    Besides, after that clunk on the head, I can claim that my poor judgment and poorer performance has an excuse this time.   Truly, all kidding aside, I am feeling like a very lucky bunny.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh yes I did

It was a very nice July for me.  A friend and I went to Maker Faire in Detroit (I love going to Maker Faire!), where I saw tons of cool stuff and bought some marbles and some bits and pieces for my next electronic projecdt.    I spent time at a Bed and Breakfast in Grayling with my family, including my brother and niece and her husband and beautiful 18 month old daughter from the west coast.  
We went fishing and the little kids caught all the fish.  We celebrated a few birthdays, and none of them were mine, which made them better yet.   Good times!
Nice, mostly cool, weather.   Lots of fireflies.   And bunnies grazing in my back yard.
 I even found some ammunition for sale, a rare and always exciting event for me.
On top of all that goodness, I also got a few things done in the sewing room.   Not any of the cleaning tasks I set out for myself,  of course, but a few little sewing projects, so I can link up to Cat Patches July NewFO Challenge for once!    I made a pathetic looking teddy bear for the little visitor -- I was embarrassed to even show it to her, but toddlers aren't too judgy, thank goodness.    She named it Owl.
And I made an eternity scarf,  a set of napkins, and another baby blanket and a few burp clothes, all quick and easy projects I hope to do a lot more of in the next couple of months to put away for Christmas.
And best of all, I finished a rag quilt.   I made it for a gift that I will be giving in a week or so, so I won't show the final project here.   This is the first time I tried chain stitching and that was fun, and also the first time I made a rag quilt and then, after it was finished, decided to make it a little bigger.    I love the way it turned out.

There was other fun, too, but I've posted enough photos for one day, so I'll catch you up on the rest of the story a little later.  :)