Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend In Chicago

I just spent a fun weekend in Chicago!   Four full days of nothing but fun.    I traveled with a good friend and we went by train, a new experience for me.   I enjoyed the sounds and the swaying of the choo-choo as we traveled our five hour route, and loved watching the people and the scenery.   I will happily travel that way again!

Once in the Windy City (which was, by the way, REALLY windy!), we spent some time in the Apple store (our favorite place!) and then met up with half a dozen of my friend's family members.   We toured each others' rooms to see whose was the coolest (I did NOT win!), and had supper at Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant that is way classier (and more expensive) than the ones in my town.    After that, the little kids went swimming at the hotel and the adults just enjoyed being together.   I got more than my 10, 000 steps in that day - and every day of the trip, for that matter.
First thing Saturday morning we piled into a van and drove to the Shedd Aquarium, beating the long lines that form by mid day.  The little kids (and I) got to pet a sturgeon -- way cool -- and we enjoyed seeing so many amazing sea creatures!    We spent half the day there, and then walked over to the Field Museum to explore Egypt and Greece and dinosaurs.  Later we stopped at Gino's for Chicago style deep dish pizza.   After supper some of us went window shopping before calling it a night.
On Sunday, Valentine's Day, the early risers enjoyed coffee together.    I got roses from my friend and his sister gave me a 'lucky' bracelet.   I felt lucky!   

Once the rest of the crew was up and ready,  we started the day at the Museum of Science and Industry.  I loved that place and, although we spent the whole day, I would have loved time for more.    Next time, that will be my first stop!
Then we shopped and shopped and shopped because it was on my friend's sister's Must-Do list.    We didn't buy anything but we saw lots of fun stuff!   We had supper at Billy Goat Tavern, the little burger joint that was the inspiration for the "cheezburger, cheezburger, no fries" skit on Saturday Night Live years ago.     It was snowing like crazy and the sidewalks were slick with ice, but there was no stopping us.
The rest of the group left for home early Monday morning but our train wasn't scheduled until 4:00 pm, so we had lots of time to shop and explore and visit another relative who lives in the city.   Near the end of our day, we stopped for tea at Starbucks and a homeless street artist did a sketch of my friend.   I loved it.   It looks nothing like him, but the man of mystery appealed to me, lol.
The train ride home was uneventful and a little less fun, both because it was dark for most of the journey and because we were done with our weekend.  
Arrival home was a peaceful event for me, but my friend's furnace had gone out so he arrived to house-temperatures in the low 20's and burst pipes.   We both decided we should have stayed longer in Chicago!    I hope we can do it again soon.