Friday, April 23, 2021

Brighter Days

So it appears that Jack's daughter and the baby, who was given the baby-daddy's last name, are home and doing well.  They seem to be handling everything to their satisfaction, and so far they are not interested in company.  Since I am packed and ready to travel, maybe I will stop by to see the Grands and visit a sibling or two!  Jack's daughter-in-law gave him a new shirt, so he can rightly claim that his daughter had a baby and all he got was a tshirt, I guess.  (No mention of me, of course, but oh well.)  We are not getting many updates from his daughter,  so we have to hope and assume that everything is fine.  It's hard for Jack; they talked pretty much every day, for years, before the baby was born, and she was in constant contact through much of the labor, and now it's been "radio silence."  New babies are life changing, for all of us.

I finished one of my "star" quilt tops, and made a cute little wall hanging for the most-used bathroom.   That completes my April list of sewing tasks, so I can start on something new.    My original list is getting whittled down, but my new projects stop it from getting any smaller!

I reeived a couple more quilts back from the longarm quilter, and they've been labeled and packed away for gift-giving.  I am feeling more productive than I was just a few days ago!

Trees are starting to bud and, although we had snow flurries this week, Spring might actually be here, at last!  It is 59 degrees this evening, warm enough for Jack to sit out on the deck, but not warm enough yet to get me out from under my quilt.  My foot is somewhat improved; the anti inflammatories seem to be doing their job, and I am grateful for that.  Hopefully soon enough we'll start to see a few flowers and I will venture out into the world again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Oh Baby!

After a long and mostly unproductive labor, Jack's daughter was FINALLY safely delivered, by C-section, of a baby boy.  They haven't shared his name yet, but he looks like a keeper.    We will all breathe more freely once she is healed and he is out of the NICU, where they say they are holding him for brief observation -- maybe then Jack and I will stop stress eating!  But for sure,  the whole family is excited to welcome him and excited for Abi.   We had a brief Facetime visit with her last night and got our first photo at about 1:30 a.m.  Jack is still not sure whether we should just pack and go to D.C. or wait until his daughter decides she wants visitors; he wants to respect her wishes, but he might want to see the baby even more.

Maybe once the tension of the last few days eases away I will get my sewing mojo back, too.  It's been one of those weeks where every little step seems to go wrong.  I sat down to make more blocks for a quilt I have been doing, bits at a time, and the new blocks were an entirely different size than the pattern called for, off by inches, not just by little fractions!  I need to set time aside to review the tutorial and start all over again, which has so far been too frustrating to deal with.   I tried to make a simple receiving blanket and all the angles are wrong.   I have a quilt that needs binding and I'm a little afraid to even start it until I get over this comedy of errors!

Jack has been falling asleep every time he sits down today.  Our weather has been Spring-y, which is to say, drizzly and chilly with occasional sightings of sunshine that promise more than they deliver, and the dreary skies do not lend energy.  The tree service came yesterday during the baby-watch and cut down a tree that was leaning against another tree and threatening to fall on our neighbor's fence.  I suspect that their heavy equipment did damage to the wet lawn but  haven't bothered to go out yet to check.

In other words, we are TIRED!  It makes me laugh that Jack thinks we could be a Big Help to his daughter when we barely survived staying awake long enough to learn of the birth!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Happy Anniversary - To Me!

It's my anniversary!   But I am not sharing this one with my husband.  My blogging adventure began on this date in 2007.  Fourteen years.  Wow, I have had a lot of words!  And a lot of changes in my life.   Relationships, jobs, houses, cars, hobbies, grandchildren's milestones, challenges, marriage . . . It's good to still be here.  According to Professor Google, this is my Ivory anniversary, but I am not expecting any gifts because I wasn't thoughtful enough to buy one for myself.   Maybe next year.  The way my senior brain is fading these days, I could easily surprise myself!  

I feel like this is the year of the needle -- so far this year I have had my two Shingles shots, my two Covid shots, and one Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis shot.   I am still "looking forward" to two pneumonia and one flu shot, making me feel more like a pin cushion than I have been at any time in my adult life.  Hopefully that will be the end of it, although I very much expect that Covid boosters are in all of our futures.  But I am hoping that needle crafts will be more the focus from now on than syringes!

The anti-inflammatories and orthotics are giving my foot some relief, but I am hoping for a lot more improvement before my next doctor's appointment.   It is difficult to even imagine having this kind of pain and walking difficulty for the rest of my life, so I am determined to find some kind of solution.  I can manage around the house but there is no way I could take the kind of vacation, or even shopping trip that I have always enjoyed.   Dr. Google has not been much help here; "midfoot arthritis" has been studied quite a bit, and none of the solutions promise to solve much.  But we'll see, techniques keep improving and besides,  I've beat the odds before.

We are finally seeing the occasional bloom on trees out in the yard, and that's enough to brighten anyone's spirits.  The oaks and maples don't have leaves yet but they are starting to form little buds so it won't be long!

Jack saw a weasel out back by the creek and we are hoping for more sightings of that and maybe baby weasels.  I will be glad to see green trees but they will limit our vision so I am enjoying being a nature watcher while I can!  The neighbors tell us that, from their yard, they are occasionally able to see the three foxes that live just a few houses south, but we don't have a view around that bend so we have to wait until the wander by, which isn't all that often.  I'm hoping they expand their residential area a bit this year.

In my crafting time, I've started another knitted cowl.  I don't really need another one, although it will be a fine addition to my gift box, but someone told me that square needles are supposed to be good for arthritic hands and I was intrigued.   I don't really notice any difference but they are pretty and pleasant to use; I love wooden needles. These ones are particularly sweet, with little houses on top.

My granddaughter gave me some sketching tips, and I have practiced my new lessons a few times and plan to do more.   My early sketches don't show much promise, but she is a generous and supportive teacher.

I am working on two quilt tops, both with "star" in their name -- houses were my theme last year and stars seem to be catching my fancy this year, becauseΩ I have several other "star" patterns on my list of things to make.   With luck both will be finished and ready to send out for quilting sometime later this week.  

And this is also the week that I plan to bind and label the baby quilt since Abi is due pretty much any day now.   I am not sure what she will call me to the baby and I don't know what they will name him, so I might attach the label but then write in the message and hand sew the finishing edge after he is born.  The baby quilt is due back from the longarm today, so that will be another task that I look forward to completing.

Just as things are starting to feel hopeful again, the covid infection rates have started going up again locally, and schools are planning to shut down for the next couple of weeks.  My son's family was here last weekend and a fully-vaccinated friend stopped over yesterday for a glass of wine -- I was looking forward to being my recluse-version of social again.  But warmer weather and those few hours with family have strengthened me, and I'm sure we will hang in there until we can all get together again.  I am wishing myself another 14 years of blogging!  I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spring Has Sprung

It was so wonderful to have my family here!  No masks, indoors, eating and talking and laughing together.  I was in my happy place all day!   Jack followed his family tradition of having everyone make and wear a pair of bunny ears, bringing a new tradition to my family.  My grands have grown so much, but the people I know and love are still in there!  And it was so very good to finally hug them all.  The day went by much too quickly.

In less happy news, my 'good' foot has gotten worse and my Apple watch has been nagging at me, telling me each day that I am not walking as much as I  normally do.  Sheesh, give me a break, Apple.    The left ankle-area has gotten progressively worse since I broke my right foot last year.  Sometimes I can walk with just significant pain, and sometimes it is so painful that I can't even stand on it.  The ankle bends with no difficulty and it doesn't hurt to touch, but there is a bump there and walking is often impossible.  My worst fear was that the doctor would tell me, as seems more common these days, that it is just "minor arthritis" and I would have to learn to live with it.   And, except that he said "severe advanced" instead of "minor," that is pretty much what he said.  Surgery won't help, too much walking will make it worse, and all I can do is try orthotics and anti inflammatories to make it a little more comfortable.   Not the news I was hoping to hear because I really wanted to get out and walking  again now that the weather is getting pleasant.  I'm gaining weight and getting stir crazy.   Jack thinks maybe a cane will help, I am just hoping that something does.  Ironically, the broken foot is finally healing well, and walking would help that one because the healing bone has shortened the tendon a bit.  I will do foot exercises to help with that but the left-foot prognosis is basically grin and bear it.

Jack's daughter's pregnancy is in full bloom and she is looking beautiful.  Her mom has refused to have the Covid vaccines and so will not be able to be there when her first grandchild is born.  I feel heartbroken about that, that she has been so mislead that she is giving up this priceless moment.  Jack and I have offered to go to D.C. help out so, depending on a variety of factors, that might happen.  We are not keen on travel right now, but we are very keen on family.  This wouldn't even be an option, of course, if we were not fully vaccinated, so we are grateful for that.

Not a lot of sewing got done this week, just a little of this and that: a rainbow block, a couple of baby quilts and a Secret Santa gift.  I've just started another quilt top and hope to finish it up this week, and I have a stack of smaller projects to complete.

I have several minor appointments scheduled this month so I am hoping the new baby will work around my schedule!  Ha, not to worry, I will clear the deck when he decides to make  his appearance.   I've thought a lot lately about when my first Grand was born.  His parents were in Louisiana and I was in Michigan.   I got the call at work that they were at the hospital and I left immediately for the airport, where I took a standby flight and got there in plenty of time for his birth.  I wouldn't have given up that miracle for the world.  It still takes my breath away.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Upward and Onward

It has been an eventful week, made even more eventful by how long it's been since we've had an eventful week!  The week started with an emergency phone call from my oldest brother, who had fallen at his home and had to call 911.  The local police broke down his door and transported him to the hospital, where they diagnosed him with dehydration.  He was released the same day and Jack and I went to stay with him and fix the door, but only a day later he insisted that he was fine and he seemed well recovered, so we drove home.   We had not even pulled into our driveway when we got another call; he had fallen again, and the police broke his door down again, but he refused to go to the hospital this time.  My brother is a stubborn old coot, no question.  But he was clearly feeling better and managed to stay home and rehydrate himself well enough to visit his own doctor, who confirmed the hospital diagnosis.    


Now that we are all vaccinated, I will resume the frequent visits that were part of my life pre-pandemic.  I will need to add my sister to the visitation schedule -- my brother is two hours north and she is two hours south, but she is still struggling with the covid symptoms and not getting the support I think she needs.

We were barely settled back home when Jack needed to help his oldest son move, after several years at Jack's old house, to a city about 45 minutes away.  We are hopeful that he will find his footing there.   So far things are looking good -- in less than a week, he has gotten his drivers' license and a job, so fingers crossed.    

The next day, on Monday, Jack and I drove to Ludington, about two hours away on the west side of the state, and stayed for a few days in a lovely bed and breakfast.  We were greeted with flowers and chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, as well as a plate of homemade candies in our room.  The room, which was actually a small suite, had a fake fireplace and a jetted tub with aromatherapy scents.  At breakfast the next morning, the hostess and her son made us an amazing breakfast, as they did all three days that we were there.  And every afternoon she baked us something special to have with tea.  Food was definitely one of the highlights of the trip since the weather was so dreary.  It was too cold to do much -- it even snowed quite a bit! -  and my feet were acting up terribly, but we had a lovely and relaxing time and did see one glorious sunset.   (Speaking of my feet, I've made an appointment with a podiatrist and hope he will have suggestions for some relief.)

When we got  home, it was time to start getting ready for Easter dinner tomorrow, when my son's family is coming over for the first indoor visit in over a year!  So that's what I am doing now.  There will be a lot of food but none of it complicated -- the focus tomorrow is on seeing and spending time with the people I most love.    I can't wait!