Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late July

My tomatoes are starting, the heirloom green zebra-striped and yellow plums are my favorites.   I didn't plant my onions deep enough so they all popped to the surface and didn't get very large, but they are adorable anyway.  The potato vines are showing signs of wilt, and soon I will know how successful they were.    My garden has gone mostly wild, with bits of bounty ripening everywhere.   On the other side of my life, my daughter told me last night that she is being evicted and today is not answering her phone.

Only a couple more days in my July contest!   I have 8 entries so far, but I will count all comment-makers until the end of the day (my time) on July 31.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good grief

Today is my baby sister's birthday and she is old enough, I am sorry to say,  to make me feel old.    I remember when she was born, an event that was celebrated by chocolate milk at a restaurant and, more remarkably, by my father's forbearance from punishment when I spilled it.    Even so, I'm afraid I was not thrilled to have her;  my parents yelled at the family dog whenever she went near the baby and when I chose sides, I decided I'd rather have the dog than a baby sister.  At this point, many (many) years later, I am willing to concede that I may have been wrong because, although Taffy was a very good dog,  my sister has grown on me over the years.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Today is my son's 34th birthday.  No one in the world so changed and enriched my life as my firstborn. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

When life gives you zucchini, make zucchini bread


You could be a winner!

There is still a week to go in my Bloggy contest -- any comment to any post before the end (my time) of July 31 will enter you and your odds could hardly be better  -- there are only 7 entries so far, and I will add a second prize if I get more than 10 comments.  In addition to Michigan blueberry preserves and maple syrup, I've added a jar of our famous Sanders original hot fudge sauce.    Nothing is better on vanilla ice cream that Sanders hot fudge!    Hurry and enter before I eat it all myself!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enter my July Giveaway!

All it takes is a comment before the end of the money (my time) to enter my July giveaway!  The prize will be several Michigan products, a couple of which are pictured here - blueberries preserves from South Haven (where there are endless acres of blueberry fields) and maple syrup from Tawas City (we have lots of sugar maples throughout the state).   Good luck!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bloggy Giveaway!

Okay bloggy buddies; as promised, I am having a giveaway.    Since I seem to have misplaced every creative bone in my body, the prize will be a couple of Michigan food products.    I rarely have more than 3 comments, but if more than 10 people for this contest, I will add a second prize.    I will number all  comment-makers from now until the end of the month.   I have to be able to contact you in case you win, but any comment will qualify you as an entry.  The contest will end at midnight on July 31 and I'll do a blind draw of the numbers to pick the winner.   Good luck!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The living is easy

It's the beginning of harvest season here.   This week's half-share from our local CSA  gives a hint of all the produce yet to come.   It's so good to have fresh veggies.  Michigan is supposedly second only to California in the number of available local food crops and I plan to enjoy as many as I can.

I'm planning to have a giveaway, hopefully next week.   I don't make anything clever that I can give away, so I am looking for something local that can be easily mailed.   It will probably not be a car.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I got mail!

Today's mail brought another wonderful prize through a blog that I follow, Finnskimo, which is sent out into cyber-space from Kotzebue, Alaska.  The picture doesn't do it justice; it is a small beaded leather and fur keychain in the shape of a glove.   It is beautiful, and soft, and well fashioned.    Maija is unbelievably creative, her baked goods look like they came out of a Hollywood set, she is constantly doing for others, and she seems able to make absolutely anything out of absolutely nothing.   Her husband is also an artist; he is the one who made the Ulu that I use for almost everything.

I discovered Finnskimo through yet another Kotzebue blog, Keeping it Read at 66 Degrees North Latitude.   Both women, each young enough to be my daughter, amaze me frequently with their strength, independence and creativity.   

So thank you, Maija, for the beautiful keychain and, even more, for all the enjoyment I get from reading about your life!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pretending, again!

I don't have a pond, but I would love one.   So this year I set up a pretend pond, a pot of water with a lily plant.   It finally bloomed this week.    If I close my eyes and squint so that I can't see how small my 'water feature' truly is, it's nearly perfect.