Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sew Sad

My sewing machine turned on me this week and used its Jaws of Death to clamp down on a piece I was sewing.  I am inclined to blame the machine (or the fleece fabric I was sewing) but my guy says I am hard on my toys.  Try as I might, I could not get it free, so I took it into the dealer for a free cleaning and release.   To my horror, they said it would be several days before I can have it back.   Good grief, does this mean I will have to actually do one of the thousand household chores to fill the time??!!  Horrors.  But  no, I am more resourceful than that.

Every year I give my Grands an advent calendar at Thanksgiving.   They have had pretty much every one I could find and, although they don't want to give up the tradition, none of them appeal this year to them or to me.   So I decided to make one --
I found these adorable paper maché boxes at Hobby Lobby and decorated the outside of them.   Now I am putting stickers on the insides to show how many days are left.   The plan is to fill each box with some little surprise or treasure.   For sure some of them will contain riddles and jokes, but I still need to find several dozen little treats and treasures, so the search is on!
Before my machine jammed, I was able to finish another little minky-backed throw.   Like the first one, it is not even within spitting range of perfect, but it is a cozy little thing.  

I will be happy to get the machine back, my list of projects is endless -- another minky throw, several charm tote bags, slippers, pillow cases -- all little projects that I can easily get done before the holidays, if I have a machine to work on!    I am even wondering whether I really need to own two of them -- or really three, since there is also one just for me to use at my guy-friend's house -- just for emergencies like this?!   What a change from the last machine I had, where I dreaded even the slightest project.   Maybe good tools, like weather appropriate clothes and a good attitude, really do make all the difference!