Thursday, November 25, 2021

Still Thankful

It has been a long time since I last posted.  Somehow, when George came to town, either I got busy or having a baby around sucked the energy out of me just like when my own were little.  We have been entertaining him several times a week and we love it.  He is a serious little guy and seems to be carefully evaluating - and judging - the world, but he always always has a smile for his grandma.  He is at an age when he doesn’t like it a bit when  his mother leaves  him with anyone else, but he is fine if I am there, which is a sweet feeling for me.  He reaches for me and hugs my neck when I pick him up; nothing could be sweeter.

Meanwhile, this year I have finally, finally been able to see the older grands a few times a week, too.  Although they are much too big now for me to pick up and cuddle, they also always have a smile for their grandma.   I love our conversations, I love hearing what they are thinking about, and I am amazed at how much smarter and more perceptive and creative they are than I was at their ages, or maybe ever.   And   all of this makes me very happy, if a bit worse for wear.   I am amazed lately at how quickly I tire. 


Meanwhile, we all getting older.  We were sad to get the news that one of Jack’s  younger brothers died. Our last photo of all 7 siblings together was taken at our post-wedding celebration 2019, and we knew then that Mark was in poor health, but we had hoped he would be with us for many more years. 

In more ordinary news, I’ve sewn an assortment of things since last I posted.  Jack bought me an early birthday present of a 1937 Singer Featherweight.  She had a single owner, someone’s Aunt Esther, who recently died at 94, and that is the name I have given her.   I got her over a month ago and by now, the week before my birthday, I’ve learned to maintain her and have already made a little crib quilt top and a few odds and ends.  At only 11 pounds, she is so small that I am able to bring her into the living room and then carry her back to the sewing room when I am done.  Sewing in a different location has been kind of fun and what they say about these machines is true — she sews a beautiful stitch.   I’ve been happy to have her because my “good” machine, the Solaris, has broken down again and Babylock took her back to the factory because the dealer has already replaced every replaceable part and she still refuses to cooperate.   She is too expensive to have been this much trouble and has been an ongoing frustration.   

Today is Thanksgiving.  We will have dinner at my son and daughter-in-law's house today and I need to get going to make the mushroom lasagna I am contributing to the meal.  We will have another Thanksgiving, with Jack’s kids, on Sunday, here at our house.  Christmas is just around the corner!  Jack's kids are all local and we plan to spend time together over the holidays but have decided not to exchange gifts this Christmas, so I will put away the things I’ve made for them until their birthdays instead.  My son’s family will be busy on Christmas, but we will get together before or after for our exchange.  My daughter is in Louisiana, where she continues to struggle with her personal challenges; we wish we could visit her but pandemic numbers continue to make that seem unwise.  So it will be a fairly quiet holiday for us.  Maybe next year we will finally be able to visit and travel and gather in larger groups again, but at least this year we are able to have small visits with our local vaccinated loved ones.

For the first time ever, I decided to “rush the season” and not wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas tree.  Jack thinks it is too soon, but this year I feel like I need as much Christmas as I can squeeze out of the year.  Between the seemingly endless pandemic, my 72nd birthday next week, and the sad loss of Jack’s younger brother, I see no reason to limit the simple things that bring me joy.   Oddly enough, those sparkly lighted trees fall into that category.

Life seems a bit bittersweet these days, but there is always much to be thankful for.  Our young ones are healthy, Jack and I have both gotten the Covid booster shots, and our own home is comfortable and peaceful.  Life is always changing, but it is good.