Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday is My Friday

I work four days a week so I love Thursdays!   My sister also works Monday through Thursday so we email each other each Thursday morning with a TGIF greeting.     Although my 'off' days are every bit as numerous as my 'work' days, they seem to fly by so much more quickly!

My 'weekends,' which for me means Thursday afternoon through Sunday night, are usually pretty much planned by the end of the work week and anticipation always runs high.    I spent last weekend with my sister, and she and one of my brothers and I went to see my great niece in the stage play, "Mary Poppins."   The play was held in the little town where we grew up, so that made it especially fun.    We ate at a little restaurant next to the river, and stopped at a candy store before the show.
Our little 8 year old played Jane, the daughter.   It was her first time on stage, she acted in 11 performances, sang her heart out and never missed a line or a cue.   Very impressive and so much fun to watch.   We were all really proud of her, and no one more than my sister, her Grandma.    And it was so much fun afterwards to see the little girls in the audience come up to meet her and have their picture taken with her.   She handled it all with more grace and humility than some of the adults around her.
This weekend I have an amateur radio meeting, a day with the Grands, a birthday party and a day that I hope will eventually be filled with something fun with a friend.   In the nooks and crannies of the weekend, I'll do laundry and housework and errands and grocery shopping, but Fun is the priority so I'll let the other things slip if I have to.
 We had a beautiful few days of Spring here in Mid-Michigan in the past week or so, but yesterday it snowed all day.  
 My poor bunnies were grazing in the back yard with snow building up on their ears and backs.   It would have been funny if it didn't seem to sad.    I like winter as well as anyone, but I am ready for some sunshine.  :)