Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Better Than The Alternative

I do not like birthdays.   I remember my 50th with great joy, a day when my newly-adult kids surprised me by arranging a little breakfast for me, but I have dreaded every one since.  And 50 was a long, long, very long (ouch) time ago.  I know it's childish, but I am not a fan of being old.  I resent the waning energy, the loss of looks, the limited future.   And now, when I have the things I've always wanted, when I am genuinely happy, I resent the passage of time even more.  And yet here it is; my birthday.
It has been cold and dreary here this week, but it has been a lovely time inside.  My guy and my family got together for our third Thanksgiving celebration this year, this one at my house, and we ate ourselves silly.  My fella brought me the first birthday cake I've had in many years, made by his son, a pastry chef.   Everything was delicious, but even more,  I loved every minute of having them all together.

I am not happy being old.  But I am happy.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sew Sew Sewing and Still Thankful

I am still busy sewing but things should be winding down soon.  My pillowcase 'wrappers' are almost done, the fluffy pillow (by request of my granddaughter) is finished for my Grand Dog and the catnip mouse for my Grand Cat.   I made another table runner, finished one last tote and zipper bag set, and one more little purse tonight but I still need to put backing on my table runners since the fabric I ordered hasn't arrived yet.   I want to make a nightshirt and I have put that off until I'm able to clear away all the other projects since I will need the whole table to layout, cut and pin, and I need the table for Thanksgiving dinner in between the small projects and the nightshirt.  So the end of the to-do list is in sight -- I need to put backing on 2 table runners, which will be done in an afternoon once the fabric arrives, and make one (or two) nightshirt(s), which might take a bit longer.  And then, unless I add more projects, which wouldn't surprise anyone who knows me, I'll be done!   Well, I'll be done with the Must Do sewing part, anyway.  There is still a stack of unfinished sewing projects that need my attention.
It continues to be a busy month.  Last week my guy's daughter was in town for a visit, which meant that he had all three of his adult kids here at the same time, an event that gets more rare the older they get.   We had an early Thanksgiving together, and of course that was fun.  My Michigan kids will be with in-laws for Thanksgiving, so we will have our family's turkey feast the weekend after.   Clearly, like it or not,  this is going to be a month with LOTS of turkey.  I'm already planning to freeze some turkey pies, because we have already eaten our way through pots of turkey tetrazzini, turkey-cheese-bacon melts and turkey soup!

Our search and rescue group was called out on another search this week, for another 2-year old boy who was, thank goodness, found safely about 4 hours after he wandered away.   The day the child went missing, in only a diaper, we had sunny 70 degree weather, a rarity here in Mid Michigan in Mid November.   The temperatures plummeted later that day and it snowed the next, so it was the best possible missing person event.

My grandkids had their strings concert today -- one plays violin and the other plays cello -- so what a lot of fun!  It is truly amazing to me to hear how much these young kids have learned in their few years of study.  And my grandson just turned 12!  The years go by much too fast.  But I have so much to celebrate.    During these challenging times in our world, it is good to remember those blessings and to hold close the warmth of family and loved ones.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fear Less

So many things have happened since my last post.   Lots of surprises -- Good things, frightening things, ordinary things, all jumbled together.
On the happy and totally unexpected side, I received this lovely surprise bracelet gift from my friend Kim's Snug Harbor Bay etsy shop -- is there anything better than a surprise gift in the mail?!   Hardly anything, for sure.  I mentioned the "pig" bracelet I bought from Kim a couple of posts ago, and I've given more than one of her custom bracelets as gifts.    This is not a great photo -- I am not a great one-handed photographer -- but it says "find peace, find happiness, find yourself,'  words that I'm holding especially close these last few days.   Sweet Kim.  Bloggy friends are the best.
In another mail surprise, I won a whole set of the Windham "First Blush" fat quarters and a matching assortment of aurifil thread from the First Blush blog hop -- before it's even released in the shops!      Whoo hoo!   New projects!!
On the more ordinary side, I have actually gotten most of my sewing projects finished and am ready to begin on a new pile!   So many projects that I don't even have photos of most of them!    I am well on my way to making at least one sewn gift for everyone on my close-family list.    I just need to keep the momentum going.

And I've had the opportunity to spend some good quality ordinary time, including time outdoors (my favorite kind) with people I love.  Nothing ordinary about that.
On the frightening side, like so many of us, I woke up this week to evidence and a whole new mental image of how a good many of my acquaintances and neighbors apparently think, and it was sobering.   I have responded in my usual  fashion, hunkering down and taking comfort in my close friends and family, people I know to be loving and inclusive and rational.   Turning to the traditional comfort food cure, I have also enjoyed more than one Starbucks hot cocoa with almond milk this week and there is a good chance that I will indulge in a few more over the next, say, four years or so.     As I keep telling myself and my peeps, we will be okay, we just need to hold onto one another, breathe, and hang on.     Let's be the change we want to see.