Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Grand Weekend

This was a grand weekend, indeed.  Which is to say, it was a weekend filled with Grands.  On Saturday we watched George, who really just delights us.  (He was baby shark for halloween.  He loves that song!)

George is 19 months old now and cute as a bug.  He will suddenly stop what he is doing to run and give me a hug, which of course just melts my heart.  And lately he rummages through the box where we keep his books and brings them to me, one after another, to be read.  This is a fairly long process because we have a lot of books.  In this house we do a lot of singing and sound effects, and George is an extremely appreciative audience.  The big winner this weekend began when we were reading “Open The Barn Door,” a book that matches animals with their sounds.  We’ve read it a thousand times, but this time George noticed the small pictured flies in the backyard of a pigpen scene and pointed at one of them.   I told him that it was a fly, and that its sound was Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz, making the sound up against his neck.  He laughed out loud and then pointed to each and every fly on the page, again and again and again.  When his father came to take him home, George made it clear that he preferred to stay and discuss entomology.   On an ordinary day, I would have gladly indulged him, but on this particular day Jack and I were in a hurry because our Saturday night adventure was to go and see my granddaughter Ray’s school musical!

Ray’s school performed the musical “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend.  As you would expect from 6th to 12th graders, the talent and engineering were mixed.  As you would also expect, Ray was fabulous in her role as Cogsworth, who, under a spell, had been turned into a clock.  She has a lot of talent, a ton of courage and presence, is smart as can be and a genuinely nice person.  Of course I love her to pieces but seriously, who wouldn’t?   It was so much fun to watch her perform - she really is the whole package, a fearless actor with a lovely voice —  and maybe even more fun to watch her afterwards as she mingled with her friends on the cast, praising their performances.  Ray will have one more year of high school after this and I can’t wait to continue watching her blossom.  She’s lovely, of course, but also a very competent artist and an honor student like her older brother, but seems so much more mature and down to earth than I was at her age (or ever).  She delights my soul.

On Sunday we went to hear the Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra, where my grandson Joseph is currently the first chair cellist.  (Ray is one of the first violins in the youth orchestra, but missed this concert because the final performance of the musical conflicted.)  Joseph was a featured soloist in one of the pieces that was performed, and that made it even more special. I love listening to my grandchildren play.   It just amazes me, having listened to them play from their very first lessons years ago, how really good they are.  Joseph is currently working on his college applications, hoping to study math and music composition, which require a series of taped auditions and submissions of music compositions.  He reminds  me of his father at that age, so smart and yet never acting like he thinks he is anything special, always eager to help, a natural teacher.  He is slammed with work in his high-pressure math and science intensive high school, as well as with his extra-curricular activities  in orchestra and school clubs, but he is always attentive and takes time with other people.  From the time he was little, even other kids have remarked on what a kind person he is, and it is true.  I was in New Orleans when Joseph was born, saw him minutes afterward and took his first photo.  Time sure does fly.  But I have adored him every minute of his life.

It’s been a pretty good month so far. This is my birthday month and again this year Jack has been having flowers delivered every week.  He is a romantic at heart, although he hides it as well as he can.  

This weekend, of course, the focus was on the Grands.  And next weekend we are having our family photo taken to use as a Christmas card again this year, with dinner back at our house after the “shoot” is done.  Family time is always the best, and I can’t wait for more of it.