Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Acorns Keep Falling On My Head

I have been sweeping acorns off the back deck of the new house.  Again.   By the end of the "yard waste pick up season," I will have more than filled the huge container that the City supplies.   I'm glad that an automated truck picks up the bins because that many acorns are going to be heavy!  As I sweep, I set aside as many intact acorns as I feel like picking up to save for winter feed for squirrels and other seed eaters that run into a rough winter.    It's a much smaller number than I throw away because I don't know whether the ones with cracks and holes would spoil the bunch so those are discarded.  Still, until I find a covered bucket to hold them are, there are jars and jars of them, and after we put them out in cold weather, they are always gone by spring.    Despite my best efforts, it is obvious that thousands of baby oaks will be trying to find a root-hold when warm weather comes next year.  The former owners told us this was a "completely low maintenance yard," so they clearly had more grit than I do.   Oh my Achey Breaky Back.   (See how I've sneaked two subliminal songs in there already?    I owe musical, can't get out of your head, ear-worms to a few people!)

The sounds out here on the deck while I am sweeping is one of my favorite things here.   The trees that surround us -- lots of oaks, obviously, rustle in the slightest breeze.  It is such a pleasant sound, very soothing for me.  Even though we are reminded daily that this house is way too big, and way too much work to have made sense for us, we still love it.   I suspect we will love it even more when we have some furniture moved in!   Mid September can't come soon enough for me.  Although we may be months away from Jack's furniture moving in, once mine is here, we will at least have a bed, cozy seating and cookware.   What more could we need?  

Because I am a responsible  home owner, I test out the new mattress every day after I work at the new house -- this is the view from where I am lying,

and the view above my head.    I think there will be few late sleep-ins in this house!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Nothing Much To Show

Here are the phots I tried to post yesterday.  The front of the house and the views of the back yard from the deck and 3-season room at the back of the house.  No inside shots until Stage One of the furniture is moved on the 9th!:

Monday, August 26, 2019

Picking Up Speed

Things in the moving "business" are starting to roll now, like a snowball racing down hill.  I've been working on sorting, packing and moving smaller things from my house, but not in any rush because I knew that I had plenty of time.   But after months of constant wait-wait-wait,  my painters called a couple days ago to say that they'd finished early on their last big job and that 4 of them could start on my Saginaw house this Monday, 8 a.m.   The owner is going to be out of town on a vacation this week and had offered his crews time off, but some of them preferred to keep working, which worked to my time advantage.   I'll  feel comfortable leaving them on their own for the most part because I "know" the guys from their previous jobs painting our new house and building me a new porch, and we've been happy with their work.

I already had movers scheduled for September 9,  which was intended to be complete before the painting was originally scheduled, but the movers are fully booked now and can't move the moving date up.  The plan was to have a fairly empty house for the painters, but best laid plans and all.  So last night I spent the night there and got to work taking down drapes, filling my little Suburu (again) with whatever I could fit, and moving things to the center of each room --  this process isn't going to be pretty, but it sure will be good to have it done!

This morning after the painters arrived (a bit later than when their boss is here!) and I got them settled, I ran to stores to make returns and then drove to the new house to unload the stuff I'd squeezed into my car.   I left a house key with the painters so they can close up when their day is done and I will do it all again tomorrow: Go to my old house, pack a load into my car, check on the progress, and then drive to the new place and unload.   Every inch of my body aches already, and I don't see anything changing for a few weeks, so there's no point in whining about it.   (whine)   It is all taking a toll on my body -- my arm has a bruise I can't explain, and my back and right arm hurt like hecky wecky -- but I am guessing it is just the protest of my flabby muscles, so I intend to muscle on.

Meanwhile, I am shredding our budget by picking up all the little insignificant things for our new house -- when you buy them all at once, little things like shower curtains, toilet brushes, curtain rods and such add up to a scary sounding number.   Moving is never any fun, but it seems even less fun as I get older.

So far I keep forgetting to take photos,  but I'll add that to my list.    All I have so far are a few of the new house and one of the new porch at the old house, but the only photo that will load today is this one.   I call it New Kitchen With Sunflowers and Bananas.   Stay tuned for further clutter.