Saturday, August 26, 2017

Happy Traveler

My guy friend and I took a most amazing trip into the Path of Totality last week.   Even though the drive home took an extra FOUR HOURS because of construction traffic, the eclipse was worth the trip.  But as an added bonus we got to spend several days with his youngest sister and her fiancĂ© at their home in the Path.   We spent the first couple of days visiting the Illinois State Fair, the first State Fair I'd been to in years.   I carefully examined the quilts and bags, wondering if I will ever dare to enter.   I ate a slice of deep fried cheesecake.  And I enjoyed seeing the critters, including the most beautiful steer I've ever seen, really too pretty to eat, although I suppose he will also be a lovely set of steaks.     The horses were gorgeous and I learned several things about ancient methods of 'dressing' them for battle.   The sheep and llamas were just plain fun, although it was way too hot to really appreciate their wool.  But it was a lot of fun talking to exhibitors and learned about their various areas of expertise.  There is so much to learn in this world!
The total phase of the eclipse, of course, was absolutely amazing.   Absolutely.  Amazing.  And it was a great trip.   We ate way too well, I even made my famous pancakes, with local blackberries and blueberries.  We laughed a lot, and got to chat about his sister's upcoming wedding.   The celebration will be outside by their beautiful pond, and she is planning on fall flowers and patchwork squares on every table.  She ended up adding a few tables and was feeling anxious about having to create several more mini quilts, so I offered to help.   I never got around to finishing the Solstice Blocks this year, and this sounded like an excellent reason to get back to those, so I have been happily sewing since we got back.   It's funny how much easier it is for me to find the time to sew for someone else than it is to sew for myself,  but I am enjoying this project and it will be fun to see the finished squares when we drive back down for the wedding in October.   Now I just need to find something to wear!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Northern Michigan and Home Again

I am just back from a week in Northern Michigan with my family, 3 siblings, all but one of the nieces/nephews and the whole passel of grands.   It was the usual mixed bag that family can be for me, a fair share of hurt feelings and annoyance, but overall a good trip.  There were fake mustaches and temporary tattoos.  We picked blueberries, made jewelry (and messes), roasted s'mores and saw meteors, watched the kids catch tiny fish, and ate boatloads of fudge from Mackinaw Island.    I was lonely when I got back to my empty house. 

Home again, I am at loose ends, no longer in the usual rhythm of my life. The vacation laundry is done and the bills are paid, but nothing else is falling into place yet.   I sewed one of the little purses today that I've made dozens of, only to make mistake after mistake, to the point that the purse was ruined.   I will tear it out to save the zipper, but nothing else can be salvaged, something that has never happened to me before.  But the tear-out will have to wait -- a distant friend has just called from a hospital a hundred miles away to say he is stranded after his Friday back surgery and asking if we could drive down and pick him up because he is being discharged, and so my afternoon will go the way my morning did, out of whack.

But tomorrow is another, and hopefully a better, day.  And the weather here in Mid-Michigan is glorious again today.  I have nothing to complain about.