Saturday, May 24, 2014


What beautiful weather we are having lately!   I 'worked' two local marathons last weekend, as one of the volunteers with amateur radios to help communicate the progress of the race and advise net control of any problems.    It was the perfect weather for it, and I had an excuse to spend two full days outdoors.   Yes, yes, yes, I know that it would be even better if I got into fabulous shape and actually ran the race, but it was great to sit and watch it with the sun shining!   One half-marathoner walked with a cane and stopped at every check point to smoke a cigarette (yes, seriously), and one very large woman stopped at each point to moisturize her chaffing thighs.   Let me tell you, I admired both of them a lot since I rarely walk more than a mile at a time.

Flowers are blooming all over the neighborhood.   The sun is shining more.   It's true, we're still having the occasional frost warning, but it is easy these days to forgive Mother Nature.   I've planted my window boxes and some herbs.  And strawflowers, which are my grandkids' favorites because they dry perfectly and are great fairy house decorations.  I don't think I'll do much of a garden this year, just tomatoes and herbs and a few flowers probably. 
My mobile ham radio unit is finally up and running -- we put on my new roof rack and the antenna this week and I'm mobile!   So far I haven't had much luck talking to anyone, only one person has responded to my call, but now I can at least try to make contact whenever I'm driving and can fully engage in storm spotting activities if needed.   Plus it should be fun.  :)

Our local Farmers' Market opened this weekend.   Not much to buy yet, of course, but I picked up some local maple syrup and a few potted herbs.   I can't wait for fresh local produce!!    On the drive home, I saw several hot air balloons.  And, while I was visiting her, my sister and I went out for our first soft-serve ice cream cones of the season, my favorite summer treat.  :)  

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too.   There is so much to be grateful for.