Monday, June 15, 2020

Just Flowers

I've been discovering more flowers on our yard.  We have primrose, and false buck's beard, and columbine and foxglove beardtongue.     Things I had only heard of but never knowingly seen.   Along with trumpet honeysuckle and wood lilies and iris and hopefully surprises yet to reveal themselves.    Despite the world unrest and the isolation, we are surrounded by beauty.     Feeling so lucky.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Taking a Break

My day started with coffee chaos.  Jack is really wonderful about setting up the coffee pot and putting it on a timer so that the coffee is usually brewing when I come downstairs.   He let me know last night that it was all set to go but when I went into the kitchen, I discovered that he had forgotten to put the coffee pot into the machine, so almost all of the coffee had been deposited, instead, into the drawer below the counter and onto the floor.   What a mess!    And worst of all, only about a cup and a half of coffee went into the hastily placed carafe.    Keeping our priorities in order, we drank that coffee before we cleaned up the considerable mess and made a second pot.   On the plus side, the kitchen smells great, sort of like a coffee shop, but it did put the day a bit behind.  Not that I expect much to get done.

We have a severe weather warning out for this afternoon.   The National Weather Service has advised that it does not know yet how the predicted significant rainfall will affect our area, so people in low lying areas have been advised to find alternative shelter and the Salvation Army is set up to house them for the next two days.   High winds are also predicted, so we need to move chairs and light objects inside.

Meanwhile, my own little storms continue.   I saw my surgeon yesterday and was quite impressed with the precautions his office was taking.   The nurses stopped anyone who entered without a mask, handed them one and told them they needed to wear it while they were in the building.   All of the staff were masked, and it was apparent that my surgeon, a good looking, usually well groomed man, had not had a haircut since the pandemic started.   He was very nice and understanding about my lack of progress, and said I had gained more strength than he would have expected, but nonetheless explained that I was "flirting with frozen shoulder" and that, to avoid another surgical "fix", I really need to go to physical therapy to have my shoulder loosened.  I am expecting another wave of viral infections in our area as a result of the recent flooding, but I will be calling rehab centers today to find out what precautions they are taking and try to find a place I can feel comfortable going.   

Meanwhile, he looked at and x-rayed my foot, which is still discolored and hard to walk on.   The 5th metatarsal, behind the little toe, is broken clean through, and separated enough to be visible from all angles.   He says that surgery is rarely indicated for this break, as long as it fuses together, so he prescribed a boot brace for me to wear for the next few weeks.    As one would expect, it is hot and uncomfortable, rubbing in all the wrong places, perhaps an appropriate punishment for being so clumsy.   Could be a lot worse though.   Honestly, I feel a little vindicated by the break, because I was starting to think I was just a whiney baby, complaining about every little hurt.

My granddaughter finished 8th grade this year and will be going to high school in the fall.   Since they cannot gather together, her class celebrated with a parade so the kids could see their teachers and  each other and make a little fuss.   One of my niece's school celebrates 8th grade graduation with a cap and gown, which I find amusing, since it seems to me to send the message that we are all amazed that she's made it this far.   We are not at all amazed, of course, that the kids have managed to finish middle school, and it will be fun to see them conquer the academic and personal challenges that will no doubt confront them all in the next few years.  Just managing this next school year with Covid-19 precautions will be an adventure! They are growing up so darn fast.  RenĂ©e will be 14 next month and my grandson Joseph will be turning 16 in November.   Where does the  time go?!

One of our two clematis is blooming; this is the one we refer to as the Dead Bird Bush since it was the location of our doomed robin's nest.   The other plant is just starting to form buds.   I hope we will discover other flowering plants as the season progresses.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Phase IV and Counting

Just as I started to wrap my head around the idea of Phase I in lifting the Covid-19 Quarantine, our Governor announced that we are going to enter Phase IV this week.  Since the Midland area was smacked by flooding this week, estimated at well over $640 Million in damages,  and since people have been mingling and protesting all over the country ever since, I am not at all convinced that this is a good idea.  In addition to the flood repairs and evacuations that are bringing people together locally, our whole Nation has been shaken to its core, again, by being forced to look at race relations.   What we have seen this week is not new, but we are good at denial here, and act shocked and surprised every time we are made to look. I hope, as I have hoped before, that this time we will commit to making no more excuses.

I plan to watch the numbers and not change my life too quickly.  The virus is still there and active, and I am still old, so there is no point in rushing to be first to join a crowd.

Rain is expected again this week and we've been advised that the National Weather Service has no predictions yet for how rainfall will affect out area. Water in the creeks and rivers may rise more quickly and crest sooner, we are told.   Or maybe not.   We'll have to wait and see.

I tried to get off my lazy rear this week to do some  sewing and long overdue yard work.  I finished the pieces for three Star table toppers; I thought I would make the bits for a couple more and then assemble them all at once to give to some of Jack's siblings and kids.

I set those aside to go outside and weed a bit.    The bird seed that has fallen from the feeders sprouted in our most recent rains, which I had foolishly not anticipated.  But the rhododendron and other flowery residents are looking good, and I found a toad in one of our downspouts, so it was nice to walk around.

So the yard work went well enough, but as I was on my way back to the house via the yard waste container, I slipped and fell, twisting my foot. The swelling is going down finally, but it is still bruised and sore.   I've been back to doing Not Much ever since.  2020 continues to wreak havoc,  but I am still hoping we can find some kind of peaceful compromise before it is over!