Saturday, July 27, 2019

Busy Hands Are Happy Hands, but we could use a break!

It has been another busy month.   We had turkeys, a hen and two young ones, in the back yard of my husband's "old"  house much of this month and that has been delightful.  They show up early in the morning and that's been perfect since we are up late at night and up again early each morning for appointments involving work and repair estimates for all three houses.    The turkeys have been our consolation prize for feeling a little overwhelmed!

Friday, July 26 -- We got the keys to our new house a week ago exactly, finally!, but then began the endless parade of estimates from painters.  My husband and I have always done our own painting but we promised each other that this time, hopefully the last time for a move, we would hire the work out.   He is a stickler for getting what seems like a MILLION estimates, so no actual painting has begun, which has made me a little crazy.   Since I can't move furniture in, or hang pictures, I've contented myself so far with buying the new washer and dryer (to be delivered next wednesday) and three Christmas trees (since I know where they will be stored and that area doesn't need painting.   (this last act horrified my husband, who has not had a Christmas tree in decades, and I refuse to comfort him with the fact that two of them are very small.  Hopefully he'll figure out that I could be otherwise distracted if the painting could get done so we could move in!)

The only other things I've moved in are the matched pair of duck decoys my brother made us as a wedding gift.   They are buffleheads -- did he intend a hidden message there??   And Jack played the bagpipes out in the back yard.   Both of us  seem to be finding our way to make the home our own even before we can live there.  Oh, and a coffee pot.  That goes without saying, and we have enjoyed drinking coffee in our empty rooms while we wait for painters to arrive.

But wait -- Do you hear the trumpets, the choir of angels?????    My husband just chose a painter!!!!!   He starts early next Monday!!

Saturday -- There were no early morning appointments today for a change and my husband let me sleep in, sneaking out of the room early, turning off alarms, and taking devices with him.   Good grief, it was nearly noon when I finally woke up,  both rested and horrified.   That meant I needed to fit lots of errands into half a day, so it was a mixed blessing.  But I got a few things done, including some cooking and household chores and errands.  Guilt work, mostly.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to the New House to start removing wall  plates and finalizing paint color decisions.   We missed the early summer flowers there so I am not sure what plantings we have, but it will be fun to observe.  We have a few pretties now, though, and lots of towering trees.  I bought my husband a surprise hammock that will arrive next week so he can better study those trees!

There will no doubt be lots more photos to come as we explore and take breaks at our new abode.   There is lots of work to be done before we are there full time, but my true goal is to get to the point where we can just be lazy there.  :)