Saturday, January 3, 2015

So Far So Good

We had our first 'real' snow today and I started my day off by shoveling.    I love the quiet that snow seems to bring, and it was only an ordinarily cold morning, not bitter or windy or wet, and this first snow was soft and light, so I was glad to be out in it.
I have already had a few fun days in 2015, a nice way to start.   My family and I went on a tour of the Alden B Dow Home and Studio, an architectural delight.   I have rarely had "house envy," but I loved almost everything about this one-- of course, with over 16,000 feet of living space, there is a lot to love!   Most of all, it was fun to see the Littles respond to such a creative design, and to hear them talking about what they might do if they were designing a house.   Their parents have already signed them up for Architecture Camp next summer so that they can explore those ideas.

I have been enjoying my Chirstmas gifties, too.    My son's family gave me some cool tech-y lights that I can control through my cell phone, so that I can make the house look occupied even when I am away.   They turn themselves on when they sense I am nearly home at night, and turn themselves off when I drive away.    Coolest thing ever!  Someday everything in my house will be smarter than I am!    And my sister -- who is NOT supposed to give me anything because we agreed not to exchange gifts -- gave me this fantastic pair of Boggs boots.   I can't wait for muddy spring weather to slosh around in them!   These boots will brighten any dreary day, that's for sure!
 One little gift was a total surprise.   On Christmas morning, I found a pair of slippers on my back step.   A friend has teased me all year about being "queen of the bunnies" since I take so much delight in them, so I knew immediately where those slippers really came from, although the card was signed by my "lagomorphic friends." 

The same friend gave me (and his adult kids) a nano helicopter, and we had several Air Contests this week  -- as terrible as I am at it, they are not much better, so it's been a lot of fun.   The goal is to send the little drone into the next room, turn it around, and bring it back without landing or crashing.   Sounds simple, doesn't it?    And yet none of us have managed to accomplish it yet -- those little copters move a lot faster than my reflexes do!   I have successfully flown mine into the other room, landed it, and then flown it back, but no prizes until one of us can do it without stopping.

And, another gift of sorts,  I had a very unexpected phone call today from an old friend, the best boss I ever had, a retired judge who I haven't talked to in many years.  He is 89 years old and told me that his very best friends have all died, so it is time to cultivate his second best friendships, something so sweet and true that it made me laugh.    It was very good to hear from him. 

All in all, 2015 is off to a good start, with fun and friends.   About all that could make it better would be a cleaner house --  mine definitely needs a thorough cleaning, but so far I have done everything I can think of to avoid doing it.     In fact, I think I hear my sewing machine calling me now . . . maybe housework will happen tomorrow.  :)