Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

It's funny, I always felt sorry for people who have to work on Thanksgiving.   But this year, sitting in an ICU room with my sweetie, I have a slightly different perspective.    I have watched today's staff loading the elevators with roasters and turkeys and pumpkin pie, laughing with their friends.   From where I am sitting today, they are looking pretty good.   For us, things have not gotten worse, and the hospital Starbucks stayed open for a couple of hours this morning.    Maybe it's good to be reminded that there is always something to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Storms of November

It has been cold here, but beautiful.   We've had snow several times, but none of it has really accumulated yet, and I am happy for that.   I love seeing it outside my windows, but driving in it is not much fun.
November is my most favorite and least favorite month.   This is the month I will turn 68, so perhaps it is no surprise that it has been filled with mixed feelings.   I am, after all, happy to be alive and healthy, but have to admit that I am not all that thrilled to be older than dirt.   Still, it seems to be the best option offered to me at the moment.
Like all months, this one has been filling up with good and not so good events.   In the good news column, I won a cute little cat-shaped needle threader from Barb at Cat Patches!    I love winning things, and this is super cute.  And since Barb and her husband are busy traveling the country in their RV, it was especially nice of her to take the time to send it.

In the Search and Rescue world, we have been called out a few times but haven't had to do much since the missing persons have been quickly, and safely found.   That is very good, but it means that our Team isn't getting much of a work out.   And when they are not busy, they tend to get needy and cranky.   Human nature, perhaps, but it makes me wonder whether our little org can survive.  Especially now that my sweetie, our group's founder, has had some health problems.  He is the glue.

He was scheduled for his surgery last week.   We live over two hours of driving away from the hospital, and they had us come down a day early for tests.   Aside from the need to pay for a hotel, it sounded like a simple plan, but between a broken CT machine and incompetent lab workers, it turned into an all-day adventure between two affiliate hospitals.   To add insult to injury, by the time we showed up on time for the surgery the next day, my honey had been, at their orders, without food or drink for 16 hours.   They let us sit for another 3 hours and then announced that the surgery had been postponed until next week.   Two days of endless waiting rooms.
Although we do understand that things happen, and they did tell us what some of those 'things' were, it was awfully frustrating.    So yesterday, a week later, we drove back down to try the whole adventure again, hoping that every step of the process will go well on the second go-round.   This time the orders have changed, and suddenly it's okay for him to drink until two hours before the surgery, making us wonder why he had to fast for so long last time.   Medical stuff is just plain annoying when it is not terrifying.

I can't help but be nervous -- even routine heart surgery is scary, especially when the heart involved is precious to you -- but I also don't want my nerves to show.   Maybe I'll plan to freak out later after I know everything is okay.   Right now I'm sitting in a hotel room, on pins and needles again, waiting to see whether the surgery will happen -- last night my honey developed a cold and chest congestion, so we are waiting to see whether they will take him today as scheduled or bump him again to some future date and have us haul our fannies back down again.    Again, he can't eat until we know what's happening.   I feel bad about eating when he can't, so I'm tucking bananas and fruit bars and nuts into my bag so that I can eat when, if, they take him to surgery.   Fortunately, we both have lots of extra padding to tide us over.  No danger of either of us wasting away over just a couple of days.

The drive down this time was a little different because this week I am driving a rental car.  This past weekend, a guy in a hurry ran a stop sign today and smashed my car as I was driving by.  And yes, there is good news there, too.   No one was hurt and it wasn't my fault, and I'm grateful on both counts!   As my sister most helpfully pointed out to me, at my age we all assume that anything that goes wrong was probably caused by some sort of senior-moment, so I admit to being a tiny bit relieved that the younger driver was the one who messed up.  The local Santa Parade was going on at the time of the accident and maybe I am secretly hoping the other driver ends up on the Naughty List, although I guess that's naughty of me.  Aside from the cost, sigh, the downside of the rental is that it is small, a Chevy Volt, which is about the size I like to drive, but I am a little concerned about the idea of my post-surgical, very tall honey getting in and out of it when he is feeling puny.

Enough of that.  On the sewing front, I made my first pair of leggings, using fabric that I already had in my stash.   Several of my peeps like to wear Lula-you-know-who leggings so I decided to try my hand at sewing a pair for one of them and she loves them.  Not only that, she actually wears them!   This was the quickest sew I've done in years, which always makes a project fun.  I'll be cutting out a few more pair this week and whipping up a few to give as Christmas gifts.  I hope the next few pair are as successful as the first pair was.
It looks like I'll be doing more embroidery, too, because my honey bought another Babylock machine for me to use while I'm at his house helping out during his recovery.    Hopefully I'll finally get some of that Christmas sewing done, although I hope his recovery is quick and smooth    I have a stack of napkins and towels to embroider, and I thought it would be fun to try some embroidered quilt blocks.

And in family news, my grandson turned into a teenager this weekend -- 13 years old, how the time has flown by!   He is still the joy of my existence, nothing is more important than family.      Family, love, health; these are the things I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving week, and every week.    

*Footnote.   Surgery is in progress.   It will be good to be able to observe this day through a rear view mirror, all the more reason to expect a happy, even if turkey-less, Thanksgiving.  :)

**Update.   Although the surgery went well, he later had two strokes and has lost the right field of vision.   It is a waiting game now, to see whether anything else happens, or whether he will stabilize and be able to go home.   Not until after Thanksgiving, though; we will spend it in the hospital,  thankful that things aren't worse.   Wishing you all the best.