Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 - Already Moving Too Fast!

I can't believe that the first month of 2018 is already half over.   Honestly, time just seems to move faster all the time.   It has been lovely here in mid Michigan, but cold.
Thanks to those of you who reached out to ask about my Sweetie.   He is doing so well, recovering still from his strokes, but a casual observer who didn't know him would never know there had ever been anything wrong.   We are told that one of his strokes was of a type that used to be considered an automatic game changer, and the stroke neurologist said they have only recently realized that some people, for some unknown reason, recover from them without great impairment.   My lucky Honey is one of those whose brains are able to heal, and we are both grateful for that.   His vision is still badly limited, he still tires more than he'd like, and there is still some very minimal change of balance, but he looks dashing with his new cane, and life -- although very different than we planned or expected -- is better than we had any reason to dare expect a couple of months ago.

I have gotten some sewing done since things have settled down with him.  For Christmas, my Sweetie got me an accuquilt cutter, something I would never have thought to want.  He had limited shopping and thinking options, so I was impressed, and his intention was to help me in two ways -- first, I have troubles with my hands and wrists, so rotary cutting (especially accurate rotary cutting) is a challenge to me, and second, I have a stash of fabric that is taking over my  house, so he thought this might be a good way to help me get through some of that.   It has been a pretty effective gift on both counts, and I've already completed two 'flimsy' quilt tops that I will send out to be quilted, and I've started a third.   The only trouble is that I am sorely tempted to buy fabric for my next top rather than continue to use my stash -- free fabric, anyone?   I'll be happy to send it on to anyone who wants to quilt or make small projects with it!

I also finished a lovely Victorian Motto Sampler that I ordered while he was actually still on the surgical table, and just need to find a frame before it will be truly done.
Also for Christmas, my kids got us an Instant Pot, another thing I never would have thought to want, despite its cult following.   But I've been having fun with it, and have already made some pretty amazing short ribs and a butter chicken that is every bit as good as that from my local Indian restaurant!   Our annual season of  Dominoes Sundays have begun so I'll have lots of chances to try new recipes, and I'm looking forward to making Instant Pot wings for Super-bowl Sunday, whenever that is.   Our Dominoes buddy is a football fan, but I am clueless.   All I care about is the menu!

We've had snow pretty steadily this winter.  Despite that, I was happy to finally get out this week for my first haircut and first pedicure since before the November surgery.   My guy is so sweet, he cleaned off my car and warmed it up before I left, but he couldn't save my toes from the snow!   The older I get, the harder the winters seem, but I am grateful for hot soup and someone to cuddle with.  Wherever you find yourself, I hope you are warm!