Friday, September 27, 2019

Ups and Downs

I have been busy cleaning, packing, sorting and stacking at my Saginaw house.  I have done several things to get the house ready to sell -- I painted the interior, as well as the shed door.   I reglazed the tub, put in a new kitchen sink and the new basement floor goes in today.   I had a new porch put on and caught up on the maintenance that had slipped -- I had the windows washed, the carpets cleaned, and the furnace inspected.    I have moved countless loads of belongings in my little Suburu Impreza, and I have dozens of bags lined up to be moved.   

I am SO CLOSE to being done; a couple of strong people and a small truck could finish the job in half a day.  But the people-for-hire are backed up almost a month, and my hurting right shoulder has turned me into a pretty pathetic worker, with a limited load limit and forcing me to work mostly with my non-dominant left arm.    That darn right arm is so much better than it was, but it is still hurting.  

As I think I mentioned in my last post, my doctor ordered an MRI of my shoulder last week and and the results arrived yesterday evening.  They were not what I hoped for.  The report says:

“8 millimeter full-thickness tear in the anterior half of the supraspinatus tendon. Recommend immediate referral to Orthopedic surgery to be evaluated for surgical repair as the ruptured stump is already retracting and there is mild atrophy of the supraspinatus muscle.

Additionally, there is a partial thickness tear of the biceps tendon, moderate acromioclavicular joint arthritis and mild subacromial bursitis.”

My doctor will be referring me to a surgeon near my new house who works at our local hospital.  Since I am the only driver, I don't have the luxury of hospital-shopping to choose the one that is best for this particular surgery.  According to Doctor Internet, I will not be able to drive for 6 to 12 weeks if they do, in fact, decide to do the surgery.  This is bad new all around - for my husband and his son, for my kids and grandkids, and for my ill brother.  And for me, sine there will be physical therapy and follow up appointments.   Choosing a hospital that is only a couple of miles away is a practical decision.   

On the plus side, at least I wasn't complaining about nothing!  On the Big Baby side, now that I know it is really injured, it seems to hurt more.   Which is just too bad so I'll need to shake it off.   My kids are tied up with work and school activities every day; in fact, they rely on me to help get it all done.   My husband thinks I should stop driving and working on my house now that I have the diagnosis, but in my view nothing has changed until I meet with the surgeon.  After all, s/he might decide that surgery isn't an option and I might just need to adjust.    And no one (except my husband) has told me to stop what I'm doing.   So right now it's business as usual and I have work to do.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Our Escape, Continued

We are enjoying indulgence after indulgence on our little getaway.   I am trying hard to put out of my mind all the work that is waiting for me back at home!

Ludington is small, a lakeside city, and easily walkable.    It was a logging town back in 'the day.'   Originally named Pere Marquette, after the Jesuit explorer who died there in 1675.  In 1871 it was renamed after James Ludington, who owned the lumber operation, and incorporated as a city in 1873.

There are a variety of Bed and Breakfasts.   They all look pretty gaudy and over decorated on line, but I check them for reservations every time we come here.   This is pretty much always a last minute, unplanned trip for us, so they are always full, as they were this time.    Last year we discovered the very low key Stearns Hotel.    It opened in 1903, and must have been elegant in its time.   

It is still clean and quirky, with a 24-hour reception desk, ridiculously low prices, and hand lettered numbers on the room doors.  It is my husband's favorite hotel, so he was happy when the B and B's fell through again.  From here, we are less than 2 miles from the lake and within walking distance from all the shops and restaurants.

We wandered around yesterday, window shopping.   On our way, we found a small farmers' market, not very crowded, with tomatoes and sunflowers.

We met a lady who was there for her last day, selling lavender cookies that she made herself.    And oh yes we did.  The cookies were an almond shortbread with lavender buds added.   I really liked them; my husband avoids sugar and he was less impressed.

We sat on a bench by the lake.

We window shopped, except when I accidentally bought things, like this sweatshirt that was on 50% clearance since it is the end of the season.

We stumbled onto a wine and cheese tasting where we were offered glasses of 7 different wines from different areas and countries.   And then we really stumbled back to the hotel, after buying two bottles of our favorite.

Today, while it was still mild, in  the mid-70's, it was windy and quite cool.    Lake Michigan took on a different mood and we enjoyed watching the waves, the one brave wind-sailor, and the pretty Brides who were having photos taken.

Since it wasn't as pleasant outdoors, we took the 14 mile drive the the Pig Patch Farm Quilt Shop in nearby Custer.  It's the only quilt shop in the area and as cute as can be.

I had a mental list of things I actually wanted to buy -- those mental lists are always a mistake for me -- so I came away without my intended purchases.   Instead, I picked up a yard of each of these -- the music fabric because it included a bass clef, which is rare, and the other fabric for no reason that has yet been revealed to me.

Tomorrow we head home so we're on our way back out to make the most of what's left of the day.  From the looks of the sky, we are likely to have rain on our way back, which won't be much fun for driving, but will suit our moods as we return to the chores we left behind, lol.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Taking a Break

My hubs and I took an unexpected and probably ill timed break this weekend.   Except for family events, we have not been away alone since our marriage, so it was also over-due.   He still insists that we will have a Real Honeymoon sometime down the road, but I've never had one so I guess I don't feel the lack.      A weekend in Ludington, Michigan was just what the doctor ordered, even though it will mean that we will feel more frantically behind when we return home on Sunday.   

Ludington is only two hours away from home, and we always bemoan that we don't get here more regularly.  We chose a beautiful weekend to slip away.  The sky is a bright blue.   There are no crowds now that kids are back at school, but the little shops are still open and Lake Michigan is a beautiful as ever.   It is one of our favorite lakes, with sandy beaches and dunes; a wonderful place for star watching after dark.

We started out the day with a decadent breakfast at one of our favorite places, Brenda's Harbor Cafe, where Brenda herself took our order.  And then on to the beach, where tensions floated away in the peaceful setting.

It is good to get away.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On The Move

It is still happening slowly, but I'm more and more certain that it is happening!    I hired movers  to transfer my larger items to the new house this week.  I am still going back to Saginaw every day to sort and organize what is left.  I have a few more repairs or improvements to do, and a whole lot of clutter to donate, but the end seems to be in sight.    Jack (even Jack) has moved a few boxes into the new house (trying to claim some space before I fill it all!) and we are definitely making progress!   He is afraid that, if we start sleeping there, we will just stay there, abandon our 'old' houses and never get them done and on the market.  My DIL thinks he might be right.  Sigh.
But I can say at this point that my work on the first of approximately 10 areas of the old house is pretty much finished -- I just need a little help replacing the drapes because . . . wait for it . . . the doctor says I have a tear in my rotator cuff.  Seriously, worst timing ever.     But it is getting better and I am being careful to only move things that I can carry (mostly) with my other arm.    Slow moving, but still moving!  Sigh.
And the new house is slowly becoming livable, and functional, if not ideal.   (For instance, at the moment, we have several lamps but no tables to place them on, lol.)  Once Jack's furniture has been added to the mix, we will decide together what to keep and what to replace.  Fortunately, we both like an eclectic style and plan to live with what we have for a bit before making any 'spendy' decisions.
 As I sort through boxes, there have been many little trips down Memory Lane, and I expect there will be more.    I found the fairy houses that my Grandchildren and I built several summers ago, along with lots of bits of their artwork from those days.   They have grown up so much, but they have enjoyed thinking back to all our fun and sometimes silly projects.

So, as they supposedly used to say back in my day (although I never heard anyone say it), we just Keep On Keeping On.      If our fortunes from tonight's dinner are valid predictors, and who could doubt?, we are right on track.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I Love Surprises!

I thought my day was over but to my surprise, I had a sweet note and unexpected housewarming gift waiting in my 'new' mailbox!    What a lovely gift for me and my mister at the end of a busy day.  I'll need to find my iron, which is buried in the pile of moveable items  at one of the houses so I can give it a quick press before I hang it in a place of honor at the new house --but where?   The entry?  The kitchen?   The hall?   For sure someplace where I will see it many times every day,   Thank you so much for thinking of us, Barb, and for your kind wishes and your hours of work on this charming little quilt.  I love it.


And so,  I wrote this and then I fell asleep for 13 hours.     Good grief.   Lots to do today and it's nearly 9:00 am.  Time to get busy!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Moving Into Fall

It is chilly and damp here this morning, jeans and wool shirt weather, but it will no doubt warm up this afternoon.   I am at the 'new house' waiting for the delivery of a bed base and mattress for our guest room.  From here I will go on to other errands, a routine blood test, the Saginaw County Clerk's office where I will file a marriage license from a wedding I did this weekend, a few stores to stop by, a visit to "my (Saginaw) house" where I will (again) load my car with small moveable items, and then, finally, the first after-school pick up of my grandson.   School started today and it will be a challenging one for the adults in our family, because the Grands go to different schools, and the nearest bus stop for my grandson is uncomfortably far away given recent tensions in the city. It will be even more challenging next year when my granddaughter's school will be on the other side of the city.   I anticipate doing a lot of driving for the next couple of years, until the kids are of driving age, even after I sell my house there.  Oh well, if the past is a good predictor, the years will fly by.

After my tasks are done, I will come back to the 'new house' to pick up the mail, which comes late in the day here, and then back to "Jack's house" to check in with him and hopefully share a meal.

I will be glad when we have a couch and a table at the new house, but I sort of regret that we have to move anything else in.   I like the way it looks, empty and spare.

My aches and pains are getting a little better, I think, although they are not gone.   I badly wrenched my arm a few weeks ago and it has held me back from some of the work I'd like to do.    It hurt badly enough to wake me at night; it was very painful to extend it in any direction.   But then last week, when Jack and I were working in the garage, I lost my balance and he instinctively grabbed my right, injured, hand to help me steady myself.   Oh. My. Gosh.   The pain was stomach-wrenching.    But as soon as he let go, I could tell that the arm was able to work more smoothly.    It still hurts like heck, but I can move it more normally now and I am hoping it is truly on the mend.   If not, I have a routine doctor's appointment next week, and he can have a go at it.  Every once in awhile, I move or  hit it just wrong, and then I know it's break time because the arm needs some rest.    Old limbs are big babies, and hard to get used to.