Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Just Me, Being Negative

I still have no sense of smell, and that pesky neck lump is still there,  but my Covid-19 test was NEGATIVE and I am finally starting to feel better.  Jack bet me $2 that the test would be positive for covid so I am not only feeling better but I am also $2 richer!   As I told him, it serves him right for betting against me!

I cooked for the first time in two and a half weeks today, a test recipe that called for making a Parisian style cheese gnocchi with arugula, which I had never even heard of.  It took a long time to do, taking lots of breaks because my stamina is still iffy,  and I was swearing that I would never do it again but it was, in fact, delicious, so I am putting it on my 'special occasion' list and will plan to make the gnocchi ahead of time the next time I want to serve it.  The test recipe called for the addition of kalamati olives, which I had right next to me, mise en place, and forgot to add.  We loved it anyway.  The recipe said it would serve four and we barely left a crumb.

I also got some bits of sewing done, not much but it was the first time at the sewing machine in those same two and a half weeks.  I made a couple of rainbow blocks from last month and this, and a small change purse to put in with my "secret Santa" gift for February's "love stroll" theme.  So clearly, although I still tire quickly, I do not have Covid and I am on the mend.  It feels good.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Not Sick, Not Well

 It has been a week since our country's last attempted insurrection, and our government appears to be acting in large part as if nothing ever happened.  I had expected by now that there would have been a lot more arrests and a lot more news about people who were involved, more news of charges and arraignments and perhaps even plea bargains, but maybe law enforcement is holding those things close to the vest for now.  I hope it has not simply been glossed over as somehow unimportant, as the Senate seems to be doing. We will find out more this week, that is certain.   It is, of course, out of my hands and, therefore, out of my "lane," but one thing about the pandemic is that there is so much time to brood since there is so little else that can be done.

I am still not well, and still not truly sick.  The mild headache is annoying but not serious. The swelling in my neck is still there but perhaps less so.  The stomach upsets are more annoying and the tiredness is just tiresome.   I think I am  not hungry but when I start to eat, I find that I am starving, which is always a mistake because nothing sits well.  The glands in my neck are still swollen, but less so.  My doctor, still convinced it is a routine bacterial infection, has ordered a second antibiotic that is doing its job by killing all my good bacteria and making digestion unpleasant, shall we say.  He predicts that I will be quite well by tomorrow and, if I am not, Jack has asked that I request a Covid test.  I agree with my doctor that it is almost impossible that I could have contracted the Virus because I see no one but Jack, who in turn sees almost no one, and he has never been ill, but as time goes on I have to wonder.  Today I am perhaps imagining changes (but not a complete loss) in my taste and smell; it is easy to become paranoid, so I will continue to assess that before I say anything to either Jack or the doctor.  There is a saying about people who are so high and mighty that their "'stuff' don't stink," and perhaps I simply am one of those people ( can say no more).   Meanwhile, I am spending my days cozy and bored, sitting by the fire.

I have not done a lick of sewing or cooking in two weeks, and the list of things I want to get done this month is looming.  I have a test recipe that needs to be cooked this week and the fragile ingredients are waiting in the refrigerator.  I have a list of sewing projects, one of them not quite completed from my January list and the whole February list still to do.    I baked a loaf of bread this weekend will try to sew a seam or two later today unless time gets away from me again, as it tends to do lately.

I did finish my knitted cowl and ordered yarn to make a couple more to put away for gifts.  I have been wearing it in the house, which is always chilly, and I enjoyed making it, if only because it helped me feel like I wasn't wasting every minute of the day.

I have been trying to break my bad pandemic habit of shopping (too much) on line, but I discovered a small new independent bookseller in our area and "had" to support them.  They have not yet moved into a brick and mortar location because of the pandemic, but they are open for business.   They had a special they are calling "Blind Date," where they will send a couple of mystery books and a handful of chocolates.   Although I have not had the concentration lately to enjoy any serious reading, I do want to support our local small business.  Besides, I thought that was a pretty clever promotion so I ordered the books.  The arrived two days later, cute as can be.  I won't open them until I am ready to read, so I have these surprises to look forward to!

I am trying to divert my unnecessary shopping by donating to a local food bank instead when I find myself aimlessly browsing things I do not need.  But I also read this morning that a macaron shop is opening in our little downtown, so there is another local business that I will feel obligated to support!   No sacrifice is too great.  I'm a team player when it comes to sweets.