Saturday, May 25, 2013

Junior High Nightmare

Oh my gosh.    I did the most stupid thing I've done in a million years or so.    I sent a text, a rather detailed none-of-anybody's-business text about someone I like a lot.    I thought to- meant to - expected to send it to my sister.    I got a response from the person I like saying "I don't think this was meant for me." 

Can I please have a rock to hide under?

I am telling myself that this is a valuable lesson for the next time I really like someone.   Because I won't blame this one a bit if he never speaks to me again.

Some people are blessings.    Some are examples.   My name is Gail.    I am an example.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Run Fun

It was a busy weekend, and it mostly involved amateur radio.    I volunteered as one of the communication people at two local marathons, the DOW run and the Great Lakes Marathon, both in Midland.   Long days, out in the sunshine, lots of confusion, periods of boredom,  but overall lots of fun.   Both days I was stationed near young people who were cheering like crazy, some in costumes, as they held up signs, handed out water and urged the runners on.    Lots of energy!     I wouldn't mind, and won't be afraid, to volunteer again.

I learn more every day, though, about how much I still need to learn about my new hobby.   Tonight I couldn't be heard on the local net, and after several attempts and trying everything I DO know how to do, couldn't make it work.     I'm planning to call in the cavalry, and expect that he will come up with a fix.

I discovered a cool snack, too.    They were handing out all kinds of stuff after the marathon and I declined it all until a lady practically forced these veggie chips on me.    When I finally tasted them, I was sorry I hadn't taken a case of them, lol.    I'll be watching for these!  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ridiculous Fun

We made bumble bees out of paving blocks last week in one of my grief groups, where I encourage crafts and new experiences as a way to move thoughts beyond grief and prove to ourselves that life, though changed, can still hold a lot of good stuff.   People enjoy this group, if only for the distraction, and a dozen people made bees.    Every one was different and adorable.    This is mine:
And I got the most fabulous package in the mail from my cyber-friend Janne, from Spindelmaker, in Norway.   Janne is not a crafter like me, she is an artist, and does the most amazing work, everything from fabulous paintings of ships and shipyards (love those!) to costumes to jewelry and way, way beyond.    I have followed her for a long time, and am regularly blown away by her work and her creativity.   You will want to check out her blog, she has monthly giveaways, and is ALWAYS doing something new and incredible.

Anyway, to my delight, Janne sent me one of her Girly Girls, which I have long admired, and a beautiful pair of earrings.   

Although I've never been to Norway, I've decided to hang my adorable Girl on my travel wall because, after all, she traveled to me.     She will be a reminded of the wonderful places out there that I have yet to experience, and I hope she will urge me on.    Thank you so much, Janne!  :)   

Yesterday my Friend and I spent the day baking cookies to mail to our daughters, and I "tested" way more than my share.   I made my chocolate butter cookies, my family's favorite, and he made his Michigan Oatmeal cookies, full of local blueberries and walnuts.   

I made a little felt bag to put my cookies in for his cat-loving daughter, whom I haven't yet met.   (I used a pattern for the cat from one of the blogs I follow and want to give credit, but can't remember where I got it -- I'll edit that in later!)

I always have fun with this Friend of mine, he makes me laugh and think, which is, for me,  a good combination.   We pulled simple meals together as we needed them, made a huge mess (which I mostly left behind when I drove home, lol), and actually got the cookies packed and to the Post Office just a heartbeat before it was locked up for the weekend.   The guy with the key shadowed us on our way in and waited for us to leave, locking the doors as we walked back through them.    Perfect timing!    Then we watched a couple of videos to relax from our day of relaxing.   We should have practiced Morse Code, but I am not that good to start with, and definitely not that good when I am tired, so he took pity on me for once.   A perfect day, simple and good.    Today I am eating cookies for breakfast before I freeze the rest of my 'stash,' and I am not one bit sorry that I am exhausted from being up much too late.   I will try to conserve what little energy I have with another lazy day, before spending time with the Grands later this afternoon.    I am so very happy with what I have.   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Five Weeks Ago

What a beautiful day  --  sunshine, blue skies and all the sights that spell 'country' around here.    Ditches full of dandelions, (less lovely, also dozens of dead deer- it is mating season and no one is as cautious as they should be), horses and cows and goats, and a big sign that read "BULL" in front of a cattle farm.     Windmills, of course, that look so odd next to old farm houses.   I also saw a horse and buggy scared into a ditch by a huge 18-wheeler, and saw him get safely back out again.   

I drove for about two hours today through the countryside to make a 15 minute visit with a patient.    Some patients want to sit and talk for hours, but many of them are too worn out to visit and I want to be sure not to use the strength they need for their families.

The man I visited was very weak, it was hard for him to talk.  When I asked him how today was going for him he said that it was just about the same as yesterday.    I knelt beside his chair and held his hands as he told me that, just 5 weeks ago, he weighed 200 pounds and was working around his own property.    Now he weighs 170 at best, and is too weak to stand.   He shook his head as he looked at me.   My eyes burned with tears when he told me that losing so much weight was a blessing in a way, because it made it easier for his wife and boys to care for him now that he was not such a big man.  I told him I liked the way he thinks and that he still seems like a big man to me.   

On the long drive home I tried to remember what I was doing five weeks ago.    I have no idea.    But what I know for sure is that today I will try to show and tell the people I love how much I care about them, that I will swallow any unnecessary criticism, and that I will be grateful for every minute of this very beautiful day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Function Over Form

And here it is, my first Morse Code keyer -- I know it's not pretty, but it works.    I had a lot of help, but I did most of it myself, and I understand (and respect) the process a whole lot better than I did.    Best of all, it's another one of those things it never occurred to me that I could do.    Maybe the next time I build a keyer it will be pretty.   This time, I am just happy as heck that it works.

No more excuses now that I have a working keyer.   Back to a daily practice schedule so that I can claim success on Code, no matter how much longer it takes.  :)