Monday, November 26, 2018

Winter Storm

My grandkids are having a Snow Day, the first of the year, and I am having one, too.   From the texts they sent me early this morning I am guessing that they are way more excited about it than I am, but there is something pleasant about being stuck inside on a snowy day.  My house is warm and cozy and there is plenty of work to be done, but it is also cyber Monday so I am pretending to shop just so that I have an excuse to stay under a blanket and sip tea.  I haven't purchased anything yet, but you never know.   I think hot cocoa will be in order later today, too, so there is lots to look forward to.
Jack is at his house 25 miles away and we talk frequently on the phone, imagining that in just a short while we will be able to snuggle in and greet future snow days together.  In fact, as we both know, it will still take some time for us to dispose of our houses and we are no closer to finding a new home that we both like.   Our wedding approaches with a blizzard of family illness that is likely to delay plans even further, and we can't help but wonder whether our wedding day will be complicated by another winter storm or the surgeries that some of our guests are facing, but we will handle whatever comes.  We know we have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Falling Into Place.

It is truly and fully the most beautiful time of year here in Mid-Michigan; the colors are gorgeous and the days are still not too cold, mostly in the 40s.   It's the perfect season for caramel apples, breakfast of champions.   Yum.
Wedding plans are moving along, although I now feel that the choice of venue was a mistake since they send changes and throw wrenches into our plans every couple of weeks.   So far we can roll with their disorganization but it has definitely made it less fun.   As an example, we originally gave a top limit of 51 guests and got a menu proposal for that number.   A week ago, long after invitations were out and responses were back, they emailed us without apology or recognition of their audacity to tell us they had decided to have a limit of 45.   Since we actually only invited 45 people, it was not a problem for us, but it makes us less and less confident in our choice.   They've also decided that the 'cozy' room where we intended (at their suggestion) to have the ceremony is not big enough and now want us to rent a second ceremony room at an additional charge.   Again, we don't much care, but it is frustrating, and thank goodness we are not starry eyed 20-somethings who had an actual vision of how this was going to go.   I keep telling myself that it will all be fine and will make good stories afterwards, but it has been a constant distraction that awakens me at 2 a.m. every few nights.

We finished the draft of our ceremony and I am happy with that, so the important work is done.   I have the dress I think I will end up wearing; it's hanging on my closet door, a simple lace top, chiffon bottom thingy, but I still need to find shoes.   His kilts finally arrived, Clan MacDonald of the Isles hunting tartan.   They got here 3 weeks later than promised but in plenty of time since we changed our original October plan.  They do not look at all like the tartan we saw on the Scottish website, so he will decide whether to wear his new ones or stick with his old traditional pattern of MacDonald of the Isle.  Either way is fine with me.   I am experimenting with make up since I don't wear it normally, and so far can't see the difference in selfies I've taken with the ridiculously expensive airbrush makeup done at the local salon, or with just moisturizer like I wear every day, or with the variety of other foundation options I've messed around with.   To my eyes I look the same ragged self in each of them.    I know this part is all vanity and just silly, but I am trying to go through the motions and make an effort, except that the downside is that I am being reminded at every turn that there is no young and blushing bride.  He would like me to wear flowers in my hair, which seems a too-young throw back to my hippie days, so I am considering feathers instead, just for fun.  I bought a little foo-foo and a friend makes fascinators that she has promised to show me soon.   I am also playing around with DIY table centerpieces and picked up maple syrup for favors at the Farmers' Market today.   I like being able to send little treats home with people so I think I'll get caramel and chocolate covered pretzel rods, too, because they are portable even for the out-of-towners and really, just because I like them.

My young musicians are practicing the Pachelbel Canon faithfully, and they are excited about the wedding, which is a tonic to me.   I still need to decide on flowers, and tag the favors, but we have a month yet to go.    

As for the old poem about what a Bride needs to have, I figure I am the "something old," and so, for that matter, is my sweet Groom.   My dress is blue,  and I will need to think of something I can borrow, I guess,  but since I'm not superstitious I'm also not too worried about that.   The coolest "something," though, is a gift my bloggy friend Kim from Snug Harbor Bay made for me,  a gorgeous bracelet that she stamped with our names and wedding date.          How sweet was that?!   I was so surprised and will treasure it forever, both as a reminder of my wedding and as a sign of her sweet friendship.   Besides her blog, Kim has a lovely Etsy shop and several physical booths at Antiques Et Cetera in Kentucky with TONS of stuff for sale.    She is such an example of someone who went after her dreams and made them happen with grit and hard work.   Thank you so much, Kim!
We have what I hope will be our final meeting with the venue coordinator this Friday.   If the venue works out as we are (relatively) sure it will, we have things well in hand.     Besides, as my sweetie points out whenever I get stressed, no matter what else goes wrong, at the end of it all, we will be married.   Life is good.