Thursday, July 5, 2018

Travel Karma?

It has been hot here -- again.     Although we generally get relief after a few days, we have been having more frequent hot snaps in the past few years.  When my kids were small, we could generally count on one really hot week each summer.   We didn't even bother with air conditioning.   Not in my house and not in my car.  Now we have several really hot days each summer month.   Even though I live further north now, I cannot imagine living without air conditioning, which is a little troubling.

This has been a busy week, with more happening than usual in my life.    My sweetie and I decided, after the never-ending flights to Oklahoma, to take a train to Illinois because one of his sisters, whose daughter was recently married, was having a wedding party to celebrate.   Yikes, our travel day was deja vu all over again!   We left for the train station at 6:30 a.m., boarded at 8:00, traveled only 400 miles, but didn't arrive in Illinois until 11:00 p.m. that night!   Most of that time was spent sitting still on the tracks in the middle of nowhere because of some switch work and dispatch problems.   Still, it wasn't all bad --  it might even be considered good news that we were hundreds of miles away when our search and rescue team back home was called out to search for one unfortunate subject, since temperatures got up to 104 degrees and the dog team we called in to assist got skunked!    The search manager was even able to phone me -- repeatedly -- for help, since, although I was stuck on a train, I did have my phone and internet access, so I was able to send out notifications and gather information for them from afar.

So, in the big scheme of things, we were pretty comfortable.  The worst part of our travel woes was that we completely missed that night's party with family, someone had to pick us up at the train station much later than they expected, AND I missed a chance to mani/pedis with the other women-folk.   But the wedding party the next day was so nice and it was fun to visit with everyone, so the trip was well worth the little bit of inconvenience.

And besides, we had a surprise up our sleeves for his family since an event popped up between our trip to Oklahoma and the trip to Illinois.  We decided that it wasn't appropriate to share our news at the wedding party, but we all met for breakfast the next day so that we could announce that (drum roll, please) we are getting married!   I had just told his sister flat out, in Oklahoma, that we would not be marrying because her brother really didn't want to.  But when he asked, to my great surprise, after being with him for the past six years, I just couldn't say no.   Go figure.   His sister teased me that I lied to her . . . at least I hope she is teasing, lol.
Now we each have a million things to do, and for sure, the time for talk and procrastination is over!  My house has to be decluttered and it is (past) time to get rid of things I don't really need or want.    I expect he is facing much of the same because he also has a house and his own piles of Stuff.   It is not going to be an easy road, because, besides both having way too much stuff, we each also have troubled adult kids who are apt to create what has become typical stress and drama during all our lives.   But we've decided that we will figure out a way to get married before we solve all of the world's problems, knowing that there will be countless tasks to do in the months and years after.   His strokes last November have convinced us that daylight's burning, that we don't want to let each other go, and that some things are too important to put off.  And for me, from a practical standpoint, getting us all into one house will simplify my life in many ways.  It is hard for both of us not to spend a little time with our ""wish it were" dreams, but it is what it is and we plan to make the best of it.

Today is the 4th of July and a low-key day for us this year.  We celebrated it mostly by not working on any of the  messes that need to be un-messed and spending time together.   I bought a little fabric (which I need like a hole in the head), we went to the farmers' market, and we drove around in my air conditioned car to look at houses that are for sale in the area.   Tonight we went to the movies for popcorn and Deadpool 2, which he enjoyed and I shook my head at . . .  the Deadpool movies are irreverent, filled with winks and nods to other works, and so silly that I can't help but secretly enjoy them.   We missed all the big fireworks displays, which is sort of a shame, but people will likely continue to shoot them off all week, so I am sure I will see one or two, and that will be plenty this year.

Tomorrow it's back to work on our attempts to move forward in this new life we've chosen.  We hope to choose a date by next week and then let the planning begin.  We don't want to go to a courthouse but want a small and simple ceremony with some of our close family.  Since I have officiated at a lot of weddings, we have a pretty good idea of what we can expect.  The details will iron into place pretty quickly, at least we hope so.

I hope your summer adventures are going well.   Seems like mine are just beginning.

(Marie Louise, I always send an email reply to you before I remember that you are a no-reply blogger, so I know my replies are not reaching you!   I appreciate your comments and hope you had a wonderful visit here -- I would love to hear all about it!)