Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Beautiful Life

So many things going on in my life, it's enough to make my head spin, and yet so little to report.  The weather has been beautiful here in Mid-Michigan the past couple of weeks, although it is a bit too steamy for my personal preference today.   The nights until now have been fairly cool, my ideal weather -- sunny and warm enough for shorts and tees in the daylight and cool enough for good sleeping weather at night.

I have been sewing again, a little.   I've made a couple of nighties that I love, using the Love Notions downloadable "Laundry Day Tee" pattern -- a pattern that rightly claims that you can make the top faster than you can do the laundry.  On top of that, the pattern was free, just for joining their Facebook group, and I do love me some free.   I am not that good a seamstress and my machine is not a consistent or reliable tool, so I have not trusted my creations as something I can wear in public, but I love making them a little longer and wearing them as nighties!
 I've made several pair of fleece socks, too, just for fun and as a scrap buster.  A simple project, I will teach my nearly-ten-year-old granddaughter how to sew these when we have a little spare time -- which is to say, after she is out of school for the summer!  She loves the idea of being able to create homemade gifts for her family this Christmas, and I love that idea, too!  I'm going to teach her how to use the burrito method to make pillow cases, too, as another fun gift she will be able to do more or less on her own.
Along those same lines, since I have been enjoying sewing, I have started to seriously look at the idea of buying a new sewing machine -- my fantasy in the beginning was to find something that I could grow and grow and grow into, with quilting and embroidery capabilities.  Now I am reconsidering and wondering whether a less ambitious machine would do me just as well.   As a result, I'm looking at machines ranging from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars.  I have looked so far at Janome, Husqvarna Viking, Brother and Bernina, and the Bernina and Brother models have been the ones most tugging at my greedy little fingers so far.  I know there is no one right answer, but I am hoping that some clear guidelines will start to reveal themselves because it has been confusing so far! I'm still collecting data, so I welcome any ideas or advice you might have!  :)

My personal life has changed, too, even more than my sewing.    Let's just say it is suddenly good.  Really, surprisingly, miraculously good.   I am happy in ways I  can't remember ever being happy before.   The kind of happy that makes me a little afraid to breathe, for fear it will all evaporate, since this isn't exactly my first rodeo.   But for sure, happy enough that I decided to think of some kind of gift to give the person who introduced me to the source of this recent happiness.  She likes to set people up by introducing them, and always teased that she would expect a gift basket if any of her 'matches' worked out.  I found a bracelet with a charm that says "unexpected miracles," and I'm thinking that's the perfect little thank you to send her way soon.    Because for sure, life is full of unexpected miracles, and it is nice for all of us if we can help them along from time to time.   I hope you are experiencing many unexpected miracles and joys of your own.  :)