Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not The Life I Planned

What an odd day.    I blessed the hands of some of our staff in celebration of Pastoral Ministry Week.     I did an in-service with some of our volunteers, creating materials for grief work.    I gave a prayer service for some of our families who had suffered recent losses.     And then I went to the range and shot my smith & wesson revolver, at a competition of three women, and I didn't finish last.    Just a few months ago, I couldn't have imagined any one of these activities being part of my life.   If I had thought a year ago that I would take another job, I would have imagined that it would have something to do with Law.    If I had guessed at a hobby, I would have supposed it would be some kind of domestic skill.    And yet, step by step, choice by choice, I've ended up here, in this very different spot.   As someone said on television today, 'when you eliminate the impossible, all you have is the improbable.'    That about sums it up, and I guess that's what I like about it.     Life is strange.    But good.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today is dreary, wet and cold. But I had a magical morning anyway. A drive in the country, past deer and wild turkeys, and a long talk with an old vet about World War II, love and God. It was one of those days when work wasn't work at all.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Food and Fun

This weekend I made fresh tomato soup from my own garden.   I made fresh pasta (without a machine) for the first time.  I started a batch (my first) of Limoncello.    I haven't tasted the Limoncello yet, the lemons are still infusing the vodka, but the rest was all good (in fact, my grandson, who is generally complementary, pronounced the pasta, The Best Pasta In The World).

And - best news of all -- my grandkids and I completed, at long last, the Epic Battle -- after months and months (and months) of creating castles and traps and 'guys,' we battled to the end.  It wasn't pretty.   It wasn't quick.   It wasn't easy.    And - surprise of surprises -- my guys lost.     I had hoped (silly me) that this was the end of it.   But they have informed me that our next battle will be a Fairy War.    Our soldiers are to be re-fitted with wings.    It will be amazing.  I just hope I'll be ready for it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!

I am usually careful with my budget, at least when it comes to things for me.   I don't need much, I am generally content with what I have.
But this week must have been the exception that proves the rule!   First, I bought myself a BEAUTIFUL ring from Simple Daisy.  I have wanted this ring ever since she posted it, and by golly, I finally bought it!    It came so beautifully packaged that I felt pampered, even though it was a present from me to myself, it felt really special!   And I love the ring as much as I thought I would.   It is entirely handcrafted, unlike anything you will find on the mass market.   The photo doesn't do it justice, my old hands scream "wrinkled" in the picture, so the ring doesn't get the focus it deserves.     You really need to see it in person to appreciate it - the band is hand carved, with wonderful designs all around it.   I have a lot of unworn jewelry, but I expect this to become an every-day piece.    And the name of the ring, Indigo Sea,  is perfect for someone like me, who does so much ocean-dreaming.   I'm already eyeing my next purchase from her shop, as soon as I can justify another dose of self indulgence.  :)

And zowee -- Today, I bought the new iPhone 4-S.    Oh yes I did!     Okay, I know it's way too much phone for me, but I plan to grow into it!     It TALKS to me, how cool is that?!
 I can't wait to see what I buy myself next!   (I am not nearly so eager to see my next Visa bill, but it was worth it!)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being Frank

I drove nearly 200 miles for work yesterday, to visit one funeral home and one gravely ill patient.   It was a pretty day and a pretty drive, with golden fields, beautiful autumn leaves, and dozens of new windmills to look at for part of the way.    (Next time maybe I'll stop the car to take the photos!)

 To my amusement, I passed through several places that all began with the word "Frank."   (I am easily amused.)   There was Frankenmuth, of course, along with Frankentrost, Frankenhilf and Frankenlust.  I looked them all up when I got home, and apparently the names were declarations of the courage, comfort, assistance and joy, of the Franconian Germans who settled there.  

What can I say?   It passed the time.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I see the prettiest colors when I am driving and can't take a photo.   But even in my little city neighborhood, the fall colors make me smile.    It is a little like my work at hospice, often at the end of our season, we become our most authentic.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Sporting Life

I am a shy person.   I act all outgoing and welcoming at work because (1) it's my job and, more importantly, (2) the people I interact with have way bigger problems than my shyness.    I give them everything I've got because they are soul deep in emotion, so it  is easy to forget myself in their need.    But I have long wanted to develop a circle of friends and, although I make some effort, it is hard for me to be outgoing outside of work.   I've lived in my 'new' home for a month shy of two years, and still know exactly No One outside of work and family.   

One of the ways I have tried to connect with a new group of people is through shooting and fishing.   It was sort of my oldest brother's idea, since, he pointed out, my 'new' home is smack in the middle of shooting and fishing territory.   And since it turned out that I actually enjoy shooting and fishing, it seemed brilliant.

Of course, I probably should have considered that my oldest brother, who shoots and fishes, is pretty much a recluse and a hermit.

Anyway, when I took some classes, they were taught by members of the board of directors of a local fishing club, and those board members suggested to the class that we come to their meetings because, they said, they always welcome new people and have been having trouble attracting women to the board.      I tried to go in August but, although their website listed a meeting, it turned out that they never meet in August.  I couldn't go in September because I had another commitment.   I almost missed going in October, because the website lists the meeting date as tomorrow, but I figured out that it was actually today, and off I marched.

Naturally the board members who invited me were not there.   They were out fishing.

I introduced myself and the club president told me I was welcome.   The 8 board members present solemnly shook my hand.   One of them asked if I was a member.  I told him I had been a member for two years.   "I have the card," I joked, "but I don't know the secret handshake."

The entire circle of men looked at me without smiling.   Finally, the president said, "Actually, we don't have a handshake."

I was there as an observer but, just in case I'd forgotten, the members language reminded me.   "We need volunteers for a river clean up this weekend and not very many people have signed up, although we sent mailings to all the board members," one person remarked.    They bemoaned the fact that it was so hard to get people to help, but nothing about the event had been listed on the website and no one even looked at me.    I thought about jumping up and down and shouting, "pick me, pick me!", but restrained myself.   They concluded that they would invite their wives and daughters to go along and help.    Then they adjourned and thanked me for coming.

All in all, I do not think I made any new friends.