Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Slow Slide Into Summer

The weather continues to be unseasonable.    Yesterday was in the 50's, today the mid-70's, and nights have temps as low as the 40's.   As my Grands point out, no swimming weather yet because we haven't had the string of warmth necessary to take the chill off their pool.   I absolutely agree with them, even though I grew up swimming in the St. Clair River, a shipping channel that never gets warm.   Those cold weather days are behind me.

It is probably just as well, because I seriously need to get packing now that WE'VE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!  We don't get occupancy until July 20, so we wonder from time to time whether we found a house we love or whether we just got worn down after more than a year of looking.   It definitely has aspects about it that were on our NEVER AGAIN* list, and is lacking qualities that were on our MUST HAVE** list, but we were won over before we even walked inside by the trilliums in the front yard and the huge bleeding heart plant and small creek in the back.   We had given up our dream of a county home because Jack can't drive since his stroke and we felt we needed to have some city-type services within walking distance.   This house is smack dab within the city limits, but has a very country feel.   And when we met the sellers at closing, they remarked that they've had deer and turkeys raising their families every year in their back yard by the creek, a definite bonus for us!   

My sewing and cooking mojos ebb and flow.   After grabbing restaurant food all week, I cooked two meals today.  I've recently sewed thank you gifts for a few people who have helped us this summer, but lots more gets added to my list than gets done.   I am hoping that once I am in a single kitchen and single sewing room, rather than dividing time between two houses, that I will get my mojo back.

We have been working at some Together Time, too, and just got back from a short trip to Washington D.C.   We traveled by train, as Jack prefers to do.  His daughter lives there so visiting her was the highlight of the trip.    And we ate Oh-So-Very well!   

The only 'touristy" thing we did was to visit Jon Stewart's Presidential Twitter Library, a two-day exhibit of Trump's tweets up to this point.   The premise is that, since he has stated that he doesn't keep a diary, his tweet's will be what is left to historians when he leaves office.   It was interested and disturbing and largely presented without comment.   One hysterical political dig that apparently they couldn't resist was to have name tags for visitors automatically generated so that we would know what the president would call us if he ever tweets about us.  In keeping with Trump's pattern of giving women physical insults and men insults about their character,  I was "Bowlegged Gail" and my husband was "Aimless Jack."

I also spend time whenever I can with my busy Grandchildren.   This week I took them to a "Drawing Class" as a local museum, which was fun for all of us.   We were told to draw either a head, a torso, or hip and legs, and then the 'teachers' randomly assembled them.   

Fun.  The teachers pulled my 12-year-old Granddaughter aside to encourage her to pursue art; no question, the girl loves to draw!  But I also love my Grandson's more subtle style, especially his kilted legs.  :)