Monday, October 14, 2019

Good News (or at least a reprieve!)

First, an update on my shoulder -- I saw the orthopedic surgeon this week and he offered me a choice: either go straight to surgery, which he said would be brutal and have a long recovery, or first try 6 weeks of physical therapy, which he said would be brutal.   The fully torn rotator cuff cannot be repaired without surgery, but the idea is that, at my age, I might be able to coax the other muscles and ligaments into compensating for the tear.   I have things to do in the next 6 weeks, so of course I opted for the physical therapy.   If it works, it will be a Very Good Thing indeed.

Meanwhile, in other fun news, I saw my first deer at the new house!    I swept up some acorns and tossed them over the fence onto the slope down to the creek instead of putting them into the yard trash bin.  A couple of hours later, I saw a doe enjoying my offering, and three of her friends soon joined her.   You can see her little face in between the two bottom rungs of our back fence.  Our yard is littered with acorns, all over every walk and path and in the plantings and on the lawn.  My husband predicts that we will be a popular spot for deer once snow and cold set in and they lose some of their fear of coming closer to the house.  We have no dogs to warm them away.  Jack's relatives are telling me I will regret inviting them in, but since we have no garden, it is hard to see what harm.   My relatives are telling me to open the fence!

My Saginaw house is ready to list, more or less.  I will be meeting with my realtor this week and she will make the final decision, but the house is mostly empty (except for "staging" furniture) and it won't be long now.  I plan to do a bit more surface cleaning, which is going as slowly as the rest of the process because of my injury, but I really and truly think I am on the home stretch now!

My husband still has weeks of work ahead of him on his house, but he is staying overnight with me more often at the new house (like married people!) and he hung our first 'art work' yesterday.    He wasn't feeling well last night but he insisted on getting it done -- not as quick and easy a task for him as it would have been before the stroke -- but he is really happy to have this job done because from the beginning he envisioned my very simple quilts on our walls.   It's funny, because I didn't think any of these were good enough to gift, and yet here they are, making a cozy space for us.  

The first one is hanging in our living room, on the opposite wall from the fireplace.   It will eventually have furniture underneath it, but for now we've moved the chairs up closer to the fire!

 And this one, pictured below, made with scraps and backed with minky is the only quilt I have ever quilted myself.   I didn't think it was well done enough to give away, and so now I am enjoying it almost every evening.

We are a work in progress and will decide little by little whether we need to replace things like rugs (I love my rug!) or add furniture to create the cozy home we are hoping for.   Jack has pointed out that I need to make some larger quilts for the walls -- the larger ones I've made in the past were all given away as gifts!

This is the quilt you see as you enter the front door  (with a photo taken as I entered the front door last evening) -- it is intended to hang over the hallway bench that we haven't chosen yet.

Standing there, as you turn left in the entry, toward the kitchen, you would see this lovely little quilt, beautifully hand embroidered by my sweet friend Barb at Three Cats Ranch.

I love this little quilt, and I love the sentiment for Jack's and my first sweet home together.  In case you can't read it, here it is a little bigger.  You simply can't imagine what pretty little stitches she makes.  Even when I was young and embroidered a lot (before my wrists got so wobbley), I was never as fine a needle-ist as she is.

Today should be my last big work day at the Saginaw house.   The city trash pick up is early tomorrow morning and one of Jack's sons helped me drag bags of trash to the garage in preparation.  He and my husband planned to put it on the curb for me today, but since Jack is not feeling well, I expect I'll be on my own   After that, the garage will need to be swept clean.  Sweeping is difficult for me, but I'll do what I can.   I loved that house and still enjoy sitting there when my work is done, but I am more than ready to focus on the new house instead!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

HappyFirst Fall

We are enjoying the first signs of Michigan Autumn.   Typically this spell won't last too long and we will have more warm weather before Autumn comes in earnest with its first frosts.  But right now it is chilly, in the 40s and 50s, and the leaves are turning.  Acorns and nuts are falling like crazy . . . yup, it's nuts.

And the chipmunks are very bold, scolding me loudly when I come near them, but not giving ground.   It is clear to them that this is THEIR property and they seem confident that they can hold every inch.   Perhaps because there are so many of them . . . my husband is threatening to change that balance.   I am conflicted about it because they ARE so cute.

It is the beginning of one of our most beautiful seasons, and we are enjoying the fireplace in our new house.

My surgeon's appointment is a month away; apparently that is what they call 'expedited.'   I do not know the man or anything about him and my family is challenging me to find someone who can take me sooner.   I am working on a note to my doctor to ask why he chose this surgeon and whether he has a good reason why I should not look elsewhere.   Meanwhile, I am getting closer and closer to getting my Saginaw house done, which is still my main focus and will be a great relief to have finished.  My son, beloved DIL and grandson moved a whole load to the new house for me yesterday, and the progress is more and more evident.    Doing a happy dance!  :)