Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back in the saddle again

After a two-week respite on Sanibel Island, it is a shock to be back in Detroit. Here, in the frigid cold, I must again use my car for trips that would be within walking distance on Sanibel, and will need to turn my heat up again now that I am occupying my house. It was depressing to come back to the dirty airport and dirtier air, but my grandchildren are the bright lights that hold me here like a moth to a candle.

While on Sanibel, where my favorite activity is shelling (the ideal in low tech hobbies), I found one of the coveted Junonia shells, apparently named after a Roman goddess, and, according to my sister, an omen of changes to come.

As thrilled as I was to find the shell, it does not appear that the goddess is smiling on me. It turns out that there will, indeed, be changes in my life, but not all of them all entirely welcome. My daughter, the Namesake, has decided to fly back from New York and move back in with me “to save money.” Even overlooking all the money it will cost me to have her here, I think it unlikely she will be able to save a cent given the job climate in Michigan. In New York she was able to find work when she felt able to deal with the stresses of actually going to a job, here she is unlikely to find it at all. So she will be in my house much of the time, and, because she demands a much warmer house than I can justify, I am sure there will be a struggle over the thermostat. Oh well, it will be nice to have the family together for Christmas. But I sure will enjoy my clean house and simple life for the next couple of days, because it’s going to be a different world after that!

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