Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lucky Me!

Wow, another Bloggy Carnival giveaway is over and I won another prize! Thanks to Big Blueberry Eyes, I am the winner of Yoplait Kids yogurt coupons for two six-packs! I really love those carnivals, I get to visit so many blogs I would never have found in a million years! Big Blueberry Eyes is a SAHM with a beautiful family and a busy life. She does these neat Friday Freebies with free stuff you can send for -- I love free stuff! Maybe when the next Carnival (or the one after, or eventually . . .) rolls around, I'll be nervy like Snowbird and be a giver. In the meantime, being a taker is FUN!

1 comment:

Snowbird said...

Go for it Gail. It's great fun. Congrats on your win. Keep an eye out for my new header which I won.