Thursday, July 31, 2008

Throwing it away

Tomorrow begins a new month, a new opportunity. The irrepressible and always provocative Crunchy Chicken has announced another of her spending fasts. The full rules are on her website, but are pretty simple: don't buy anything all month. Essentials like (non-impulsive)food/food storage materials, medicine, required school supplies, gasoline, are exempt. Toilet paper is probably okay, but the inimitable Crunchy has her own ideas about THAT. No eating out. (I wonder if it still counts as 'spending' if someone else pays?) She will hear public confessions on her website every Sunday from those who fall on their face, so that they can dust themselves off and get back on the horse.

I've never signed up for a 'fast' because, as soon as she announces one, I break out in a cold sweat and start thinking of all the things I simply must buy. Already I am wondering if I could make enough purchases before midnight to hold me through the next month, as if life would not be worth living without "discretionary" spending. When I think about it, I have to admit that spending, like sugar, is one of my addictions.* Otherwise, why would I be so afraid to promise not to buy anything frivolous for a month? Maybe it's time to admit that I am powerless and start climbing the 12 steps.

Go ahead, try it. You can sign up at the Mother-house, if you dare.

*Except that my sugar addiction is even more out of control. My sister says I'd be fine if I could learn to manage my diet as well as I manage my money, which just shows how bad it is!

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