Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My days on Sanibel are drawing to an end. The weather has been perfect. The trade-off is that the shelling isn't good. Today I went out at low tide, before dawn, to the mudflats. I saw someone leaving just as I arrived, with a bag full of shells. Either I didn't go to the right place, or I am ignoring shells that the other sheller wanted, or Blind Pass makes me blind, but all I collected were mosquito and no-see-em bites. I picked up a couple of gnarly oyster shells on my way back to the car, not exactly specimens but cool looking, and maybe better than going home empty handed. Still, I love my morning walks on the beach. It was warm and beautiful, the pelicans put on their usual show, and I stopped at Jerry's for a donut on my way back. It's all good.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Bummer on the shelling. But you have a few more days... so who knows!!

Snowbird said...

I was thinking of going out this morning but decided that sleep was a better option. I'm sorry your trip is at it's end. I'm glad that the weather was good but wish the shelling had been better for you.

Anyway, safe trip home and hurry back. Have fun with the grandkids.