Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mouths of babes

My daughter called last night, crying and telling me she was starving.    She lost her food card a week ago and the replacement hasn't arrived.   Her most local relative tells her he can't afford to help her.   The cases of soup and fruit I mailed last week are gone.   She was despondent and asked me, when I was in the coma, why did god bring me back if this is how my life is going to be?   I have no answers for her.    I told her I love her,  encouraged her to hang on, ordered more food from amazon, and sent her a few dollars to try to help her through.  I hate this helpless feeling.

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Alice In Wonderland Rocks said...

I'm so sorry,I understand how you feel. Id rather not say why but I understand how your daughter feels also.
There is a reason,why we have no clue but it has to be a good reason :):)
She is lucky to have you,my Mom helped me so much,she is gone now. A mothers love is the best :)