Monday, February 21, 2011

Sanibel Dreaming. Again.

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out my front door and saw that almost all of our snow had melted.   Finally!
But then the sky got overcast and, ten minutes later, I looked out the front door again and saw that it had started to snow.
The next time I peeked out, it was winter again, and my inner child started whining. 
This morning, all the schools are closed, and I have another pot of soup simmering.    I think it's time to declare my surrender and plot a great escape to warmer weather.


Rebecca said...

Hello. It's winter here again. We enjoyed a few days of spring-like weather last week; opened windows and doors and let the fresh air and sunshine in. We had planned on making the drive from MA to MN tomorrow but, the snow is falling. When I read your profile to my husband, he was interested in knowing more about you. Your journey seems to be similar to my husband's. We are so thankful to have an idea of what our future holds now that a job is in the near future. For the past 18 months we have lived very much in the here and now; not knowing what tomorrow would bring. It's been good. I think over time we will grow to really appreciate the time we've had together and how it has grown us in ways we didn't imagine.

Mrs A said...

i will swap you its been hot -up to 35c and cyclonic here!

Shellbelle said...

Sanibel awaits you, my dear. The weather in Florida has been wonderful for the last week and we've got more in store for all you snow birds who are tired of the cold.

Come on down!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

How depressing is that!! I've been there - in Montana, anyway. Long winter, followed by a nice February thaw. Only to go back to deep freeze winter for... well, weeks. I hope you thaw again soon. Otherwise, let me know and I'll meet you in Sanibel!!

The Farmer Files said...

We have had a similar experience here. It snowed yesterday morning, just when I thought it was getting ready to warm up! And even with all of the snow...I cannot believe I have not made soup once. We had so much over the summer,if you can believe that.