Friday, July 29, 2011

That Special Glow

I hate the really hot and muggy days, but the one thing I love about this hot weather is that we've had fireflies every night.  I make an involuntary grin every time I see one light up, which has made for a LOT of smiles the last couple of weeks.    I don't remember seeing fireflies when I was a kid -- probably wasn't allowed to stay up late enough -- and I never saw them at my 'old' house.   In fact, the first time in my life that I noticed them was during a late night walk in a cemetery when I was in college, which was many (many) moons ago.    But here, this summer at least, they seem to be everywhere, in my front yard, back yard, and across the street at the neighbors'.   I love watching them blink, blink, blink, little happy bugs.

As my sister would be quick to point out, this is more definite proof that I am aging fast.


sue in mexico mo said...

I used to love catching fireflies when I was a kid. We called them lightening bugs. We would put them in a jar and make a lantern. I guess it was a cruel thing to do . . . I wouldn't do that now, or let a child do it. Growing up on a farm, I remember the nights being very dark and the lightening bugs very big and bright.

Don said...

fireflies = summer

thefarmerfiles said...

I remember seeing my first fireflies on the east coast. I have never seen them in San Diego. I am not sure we have them!