Monday, May 20, 2013

Run Fun

It was a busy weekend, and it mostly involved amateur radio.    I volunteered as one of the communication people at two local marathons, the DOW run and the Great Lakes Marathon, both in Midland.   Long days, out in the sunshine, lots of confusion, periods of boredom,  but overall lots of fun.   Both days I was stationed near young people who were cheering like crazy, some in costumes, as they held up signs, handed out water and urged the runners on.    Lots of energy!     I wouldn't mind, and won't be afraid, to volunteer again.

I learn more every day, though, about how much I still need to learn about my new hobby.   Tonight I couldn't be heard on the local net, and after several attempts and trying everything I DO know how to do, couldn't make it work.     I'm planning to call in the cavalry, and expect that he will come up with a fix.

I discovered a cool snack, too.    They were handing out all kinds of stuff after the marathon and I declined it all until a lady practically forced these veggie chips on me.    When I finally tasted them, I was sorry I hadn't taken a case of them, lol.    I'll be watching for these!  :)

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PiperChristian said...

Since you said that you enjoy volunteering with your radio hobby I'd suggest you consider looking into taking a Skywarn class ( They're offered in the spring through the National Weather Service (NWS). You can use your radio hobby to weather spot for the NWS - they ALWAYS need spotters in your area. You can join your local Skywarn net which is run from your county Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - call your county building and ask for the Emergency Response and Preparedness office or Emergency Operations Center, whoever answers there should be able to point you in the right direction. I'd tell you what your county operates on but I don't have the repeater frequency list in front of me at the moment. Your EOC should hold monthly amateur radio meetings where people of all walks of life who are hams gather and discuss the safety of their county's citizens, upcoming events that need ham radio volunteers (like the race you helped out with - here in Oakland County hams help with the Woodward Dream Cruise every year and it's coordinated through the Oakland County EOC), and other ham related issues. It's a way to meet fellow hams, too. It's how I got into helping with weather spotting, volunteering for the NWS, and eventually becoming the Assistant District Emergency Coordinator (ADEC) for MICON-DTX (Michigan Inter County Organizational Net - DTX is the designator for the Detroit/Pontiac weather service office) - a volunteer position I LOVE!!! And if the weather isn't something you're interested in helping with, the EOC meetings can give you plenty of other ideas for places to volunteer. Also, see if there are any local clubs near you, they can be a source for volunteerism, friends, and help with any and all things ham radio. :)