Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flying By!

The year is more than half over, and summer is getting near the end -- where has the time gone?!    And when will I get my lazy butt in gear?!??

Not a lot is new.   On the amateur radio scene, I helped build a dipole antenna this week, which was really interesting and a lot of fun.    I hope to help build one at my house soon, too.    Shouldda taken some photos, but hopefully there will be other antennas in my future.   I received my new call sign and was disappointed in it -- AC8OU -- I had hoped for one of the shorter "2x1" or "1x2" signs, and a friend encouraged me to ask for one, so I'm going to apply for a change.   Asking for a different sign makes me feel like a high maintenance diva, which I generally wouldn't dare to do, but in this case I can't see what it will hurt.   It's not like I have a relationship with the FCC, after all.  

With my Extra exam behind me, the plan had been for me to throw myself into Morse Code practice but it's been a very lazy week.   I don't dare let this barely-learned skill slip so I need to get back to work on it soon.  Today would be good, but maybe tomorrow.     I'm still doing really well at 5 words per minute, but I'm getting lazy about increasing my speed and even slacking off at practicing sending code.    My friend is suggesting that it's time for me to go on the air and I can't avoid it much longer, so I had better get my skill set sharpened and ready!  

The weather has finally been cooler here this week, thank goodness, so I've gotten to walk several times lately.    And I finally found a local pond, just a few miles from my house, where I can catch a few fish and lose a few flies.   It's not ideal, too many trees and fences around the perimeter of the pond, but it's better than nothing, and it was a fun way to spend an hour yesterday.
I finally picked a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes from my garden, and another tomato looks like it will be ready soon if no critter gets to it first.   Slim pickings this year, that's my entire harvest so far.    Thank goodness for the Farmers Markets!
And last in the no-news category, the neighbor's adorable little black kitten, Matilda, is trying to move into my yard and my house this week.   She is a tempting little bit, and keeps sneaking in whenever she can, but her little-girl-owner is ever vigilant, and we spend a lot of time passing Matilda back and forth over the fence.

I hope your week is going well.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Do any government agencies still use morse code? I'm still in awe of you for learning this.

PiperChristian said...

I believe that eventually every ham asks for a new callsign. I started out as KC8TEZ and am now W6ZZU. I'm waiting for N6PIP to come available again, when it was I missed out on snagging it. :( I really want a call that includes my birthday (Nov. 6), the region I'm originally from - California (the 6 region), and the first 3 letters of my first name (and occasionally my nickname) - who could ask for a better call than that?! :D
To answer Kim's question, I'm sure there are still some gov't agencies that use CW, I'm just not sure which ones...