Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend Middling

I found another pond today, one that didn't cost anything to get into, so I gave fishing another try.    One thing about pond fishing on the fly, as compared to river fishing, is that I need to cast a long way to get out to the fish.   In the rivers, I rarely need to cast more than 20 feet or so, but in the ponds, I'm hard pressed to get the fly out far enough.    Today was no exception, and in making the longer casts, I believe I snapped my fly off the line.    (One of the cool things I learned when I started fly fishing is how to crack a whip.    The fishing line works the same way and you get a very satisfying 'pop' if you push it forward before the line straightens out in back.   Unfortunately, you can also snap off your fly that way, and since my fly disappeared, I assume that's just what I did.)   So there I was,  without realizing it, casting my empty line w-a-y out there.   And sure enough, right before my eyes I saw a friendly fishy swim right up, lift his head right out of the water, and nibble on my empty line.   Figures he would show up when I didn't have a hook.    Just call me the fish whisperer.
I also had a mini radio-community breakthrough today.   Pretty much any day that I'm sitting around the house, I send out my call sign on the radio and listen for a response.   Except for my Elmer, no one has ever responded.   Today for the first time, someone did.   One of the guys from my local club talked to me for a little bit, very encouraging and friendly.  His wife is planning to take the Tech exam and I offered to help if she wants a study partner.    It didn't hurt a bit that he told me that I look much too young to have  grandchildren, lol.  
And it was another lovely weekend of summer food.    I stopped at a favorite local farm for 6 ears of 'peaches and cream' sweet corn, a quart of summer strawberries, and a pint of raspberries.    The raspberries are already gone -- don't judge me,  fresh raspberries are a particular weakness.    One of many, it's true, but a weakness nonetheless.   And all I have to say about that is, Yum!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love raspberries too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love that corn - could eat my weight in it. :) Corn is about gone here though I can still get it in the grocery store pretty cheap. blessings, marlene

Carrie P. said...

nice looking pond.
I planted some raspberry plants this spring. Hopefully I will get a bunch next year.

KaHolly said...

Fish Whisperer. I like that.

PiperChristian said...

Should you find yourself in the UP again, around Copper Harbor, try Thimbleberries. They're like raspberries but a little more tart. I'd never heard of them until I was in Copper Harbor on vacation this summer. Sooooo good!