Saturday, March 15, 2014

Walking On Sunshine

A sunny weekend for a change!   It was WONDERFUL to see and bask in sunlight, at long last!    It was a lovely weekend in all ways.    Friday is supposed to be a day off for me, but not this week, because a family called me in early yesterday morning to sit with them for awhile at the hospice.    They didn't need me for long, just long enough to reassure them, and more than long enough to remind me how precious life and love are.   Their loved one died yesterday afternoon and my heart breaks for all of them.    If you have someone you love who is still with you, hug them tight.
Today, Saturday, I had a Bridal Show.    They are the best deal in town for Brides-to-be -- for a small fee, Brides can win prizes, learn about a large assortment of wedding services and vendors, taste free food and cakes, see table decorations, hear how disc jockeys sound, and just generally get tons of ideas.   This show was free to prospective Brides, and the facility where it was held set out a buffet of all their menu items, had a full bar, and a cupcake and dessert table, all free to the attendees.   There is usually something to let the vendors know who the Brides are, a sash or a crown, and today was no exception.   The Brides wore "Bride-to-be" headbands.     I gave away a $25 gift card in one of my little zipper pouches, and of course any Bride who signs with me after meeting me at the show always gets a discount.   
Several couples stopped to ask questions and chat but I don't generally get much business from the Bridal Shows, so we'll see if I get any follow ups from the Brides I talked to.   But the food was good -- there were some interesting veggie dishes, including corn fritters, and some beef that was delicious but unfortunately cut on the grain so it was as tough as a rock.   And I had a very tasty Martguerita cupcake for dessert.   Yum.
The Bridal shows are always interesting, that combination of young love and soooo many mismatched couples.    On top of all that, I find myself playing the Comparison Game -- I was once young, pretty, slender (no really, it's true).   I was once hopeful, perhaps long after I should have given up that hope, but so many things in life, so many things in love never came my way.   I won't try to prove it to you here, but I've got me some stories.   And you know the odds, I'm more likely to win the mega millions if I ever buy a ticket than to find a lasting relationship now.  I keep telling myself to shake it off, but I wonder if I ever will; this was something I was always so sure I would eventually find.    I envy them so much.   Oops, I guess I'm whining again!   I need to make lemonade out of life's lemons, so a mega millions ticket might be in my future.  :)

Tomorrow is our last Dominoes Sunday for the winter, which is always bittersweet.   It will be almost another year before the three of us get together to play again.   Since St. Patrick's Day is Monday, we're having corned beef and cabbage, of course.    I made Dominoes cookies to commemorate the occasion, and walnut brownies on the side.   Clearly I won't lose any weight this weekend!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hi Gail: Is it me, or do you just sound happier in general this year?

The bridal show sounds cool. Is that something that's offered in different areas? I've never heard of that but my future daughter in law would love to attend something like that around here.

Is your snow starting to melt? I can't believe how much has melted here this week. I can see grass again and today I saw some hosta's poking up thru the soil.

Michelle said...

Talking about things gets it out of your system, which can be good or bad. :) thanks for being authentic.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Gail thank you for making me feel better with your sweet comment.
Like you I get that same feeling about meeting someone this late in life. Maybe we should play that mega millions together. lol
I do pray that a loving relationship comes into both our lives.
Those domino cookies are too cute. What a cool idea! Wish I could do that for our games.
I attended my first wedding show about six weeks ago with Christi. It was interesting and loved tasting the cupcakes myself.
The line for food was too long to sample. lol
Thanks for being my friend
Love ya

StitchinByTheLake said...

There are bridal shows in my area occasionally and I know the girls love them. I don't think I know what the girls sign with you for? I know you sometimes officiate - do you mean that? Finding love is difficult but sometimes it does come late. When I was a chaplain at a local hospital I once was called in when a woman died at 95. When I asked her husband how long they had been married he said 5 years. :) blessings, marlene