Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good Times

I finished another baby blanket!   And a couple of burp cloths!    And found out today that another person I know is pregnant!   With the scraps, I made a little purse for my granddaughter's American Girl doll.   My finally-fixed sewing machine is becoming my new best friend.  :)  And since I actually started and finished a few things in June, however small, I am linking this into Barbara's June NewFO Linky Party at Cat Patches.    It's rare that I get to party with the big kids!
 I got a call last week asking me to accept a nomination to the Board of Directors of our search and rescue group.  What a flattering, happy surprise!    Of course I said yes -- it was a nice phone call to get.
At their next meeting, I was elected to the Board.  I was already working a bizillion hours a week on SAR matters and now it seems to be filling the nooks and crannies of my life.  So far, though, I am enjoying it!
My foot still hurts a little but a purple bandaid makes it better.   And yes, gentle advisers, I will definitely find a new place to have my toes done.  :)
The weather here has been lovely lately.   Enough rain that I haven't needed to water my outdoor plants for a couple of days, and enough sunshine to lift my spirits.   My emergency radio group took advantage of the great weather on Thursday to have a "fox hunt" where we used our hand-held radios and homemade yagi antennas to find hidden transmitters at a small local airport.   I am not very good at this activity, but it was a ton of fun and was a great excuse to spend time outside!
On Friday, a friend of mine went with me to visit my brother this week and we got a chance to kayak for a couple of hours.   I caught the usual fish of the usual size.   It is good that we don't rely on me for food.   But such a lot of fun!

On Saturday,  I performed another marriage ceremony, and hope the lovely couple will have a lifetime of happiness.   Maybe a more realistic hope is that they have a lifetime together, working through any of the disappointments and disagreements that come with any relationship.
And on Sunday, my friend and I put up an antenna for my new HF rig.  As tends to be the case, we worked on it all day with plenty of material-failures and trips to the hardware store along the way.   But we also had breakfast and lunch and ice cream, got sunburned, had a lot to explain to the neighbors as we were stringing wire up through my trees, and laughed like crazy.   I was able to listen to the CW net tonight from the first time from home -- could be that someday I will actually check in, but I'm not rushing that.  Morse Code still terrifies me!   But it was the best day ever and a really nice weekend.   It is good to find time for fun.


Barbara said...

That looks like the kind of fish I usually catch. No fish stories here.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Look at you - kayaking and fishing. You go girl! I loved this post - so bubbly and you sound so happy and excited.

All your sewing is beautiful!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love your green ricrac edging on those baby items. I am not sure what happened to your toe, but I can understand that a purple bandage would make it better. The last time I got a pedicure I got a nail tech who had a very aggressive style of calf massage, something she doubtless picked up from The Karate Kid movies. I tried to be adventurous and go with it, but the next day my calves were covered in ugly purple BRUISES! I need a new nail place, too!

Pattilou said...

What fun baby blankets. The fabrics are so bright and cheery! Glad your foot is getting better.