Monday, October 13, 2014

Always Looking

There's really nothing new with me, but the past couple of weekends have been busy.   And so beautiful!   Michigan is really glorious this time of year, and the trees have been especially bright this autumn.

I spent the weekend before last at a search a few hours south of our area.    We drove to help another 'start up' search and rescue group with their planning and search for a missing person there.    The weekend involved long hours on the road, only a few hours of sleep, and very long days, but we were glad to do it.   Sadly, we did not find the man and I had to go back to work, but we learned that his body was found the next day, a sad ending that we can only hope offered his family some closure.    

I got to spend fun time with the Grands and their family, we had supper together a couple of times, walked the dog, and visited.   
I helped a friend make apple sauce, and picked grapes and helped make grape juice to can, although we would have had a lot more juice for later if the wasps and I had stopped eating so many of the delicious concords.   All of the bees and wasps have been sluggish in the colder weather, which is a lucky thing when you have your hands in there with them. 

I finished a couple more tote bags, too.   I made a cute goulish bag for a friend's daughter who likes the darker side.  And my Grands both liked one particular Halloween bag I made, so I made another of the same fabric since they both want to use them for Trick or Treating.  

 I also made another French-themed tote using Lindsey's pattern at Fort Worth Fabric Studio and adding an inside pocket this time.   What a great pattern!

I stopped at a local cheesemaker on one of my country drives,

and of course this is great baking weather.    The son of a friend is a fan of my desserts and of course I love having someone appreciate the things I make, so the last two weeks I've made a blueberry pie and a really delicious almond pastry especially for him.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You have such a generous heart Gail. What a great idea to use your bags as trick o treat bags. Enjoy your week. xo