Friday, May 8, 2015

May I?

The May flowers have finally arrived!   I love Michigan this time of year!   There is no prettier place to be.  :)

After months of complaining about the cold and snow and ice, the last couple of weeks here in Mid Michigan have been absolutely beautiful!  There are spring flowers everywhere I go, and the sun has been shining.    I am loving it, although I know the time is quickly approaching when I will begin to complain about the heat!  :)   I am, after all, an all-weather complainer.
Our May drill for Search and Rescue involved a night search in a local forest.   I was 'stuck' in the Planner's Chair while the rest of the kids got to tromp out in the woods and look for clues.   Teams reported their find and the UTM locations by radio and I marked them on the map.   Later I uploaded the GPS tracks onto the map to show the area that had been covered by the search.   It was not very well attended but was a lot of fun.
We held our first Death Cafe at the hospice where I work this week and it was a disappointment to me.   Interestingly, it was NOT a disappointment to the three people who showed up.   One of them told me that he surprised himself by opening up about things he had never discussed before, and all three shared moments of tears and laughter.   And so for me the "take-away" was a lesson about my own expectations and how I too often lose the benefit of the moment by comparing it to the moment I had imagined.    Something I will think about a lot, I suspect, as I consider how much of that approach I apply to other situations in my life.

There is lots of stuff to do lately, if only I weren't so lazy.   Tomorrow is a marathon to raise money for MS research in Frankenmuth, and they are looking for amateur radio operators to volunteer to help with communication.   My plan, if I get up early enough, is to drive down there to help.  Tomorrow evening there is a local concert at a tiny venue nearby, Girls With Guitars, and maybe I will go.   This evening I also heard about a community play in a nearby city, but they are talking about thunder showers and by evening my chronic laziness almost always kicks in, so I will likely hang around the house instead.    With any luck, I'll at least complete a few of the endless household tasks.

This weekend is Mother's Day, and I expect it will be a quiet day for me.   My own mother is dead, my daughter is in New Orleans with a bagful of troubles of her own, and my son and his wife are extremely busy with young children, rare time off, a new house of many needs, and two other mothers besides me to attend to on this day.   My sister and best friend are both out of town.   So I am sure I will see or speak with my kids, as I hope to do every weekend, but I will have some time to appreciate the many blessings of my own life and my own strengths, too.    I have a long Task List that I  hope to check off that day, and I have adventures to look forward to later in the week.

I am planning a pedicure and a manicure (a very rare treat) on Tuesday.    I hope I won't wreck my nails on my way home, as I often do, which is why I treat myself so rarely.   And next Friday I am going to my first Dayton Hamvention, a journey that is seen by ham radio enthusiasts as a necessary pilgrimage at some point in their amateur radio career.  There will be nearly 2000 booths to visit in the two and a half days so I'll be taking my walking shoes and every penny I can find under the couch cushions!   Lots of fun to be had -- embrace every moment!


Barbara said...

Sounds like a busy weekend to me. We never do much for mother's day either. My mother is also gone, and my kids don't seem to remember they have a mother...or that it's mother's day. I really dislike the day.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The search and rescue training at night sounds cool. It would be neat to see the plotted map afterwards. Have a nice weekend.

spindelmaker said...

"a lesson about my own expectations and how I too often lose the benefit of the moment by comparing it to the moment I had imagined. "... that is such wise words. I will take them with me, as this truly applies for me too. HAve a nice spring!