Saturday, October 17, 2015


We re-processed all of the dozens of jars of grape jelly, in many (many) small batches, and we finally got jelly!   Thanks for the tip, Kim!  It was an all day job, but it is done and we can finally claim the sweet taste of success . . . and jelly.
There were still more grapes on the vine, and more apples to sauce, but we were able to go at it with a more optimistic attitude now that we've been jelling.    We picked and juiced and jellied for a couple more days and there are still plenty of grapes left behind for the critters.   The weather was much colder this weekend so the wasps and spiders kept themselves scarce.  I could barely feel my fingers by the end.   We made juice and I decided it would be fun to try a concord grape pie -- something I had never heard of.  It was delicious, truly surprisingly good, although a pain in the neck to make.   And so nice to have warm pie after a cold day outdoors.

Another thing we tried was oven-roasting them, baking clean grapes (still on the stem), tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper,  for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.   When we pulled them warm off the  stems, the seeds stayed behind and they were as sweet as the jelly.  We ate them with cheese and crackers.   Ummmm.

I saw the cutest little lady on my walk this week, sweeping up acorns on her sidewalk.   She told me to think of her as the woman who lives in the Nut House.

Also this week,  at work, I wrote and signed my quarterly 'chaplain letter,' which I send out to our hospice families every three months.    By the end of the stack of 275, I could hardly remember how to sign my own name!

This weekend was the annual Zombie 5k Fun Run in a town near me, and our search and rescue group was asked to help keep the city safe from zombie infection and Save The World.     We screened people as they entered the park to be sure no Zombies got in, even though it was clear from the program that we would fail.  It was a lot of fun.  And of course there was a bonfire with a s'mores bar and a Zombie meet and greet afterwards.

 And we had snow!  It didn't stick, but it was coming down like crazy.     Even so, we are not completely finished enjoying summer.   The wife of a friend volunteers at a local garden called Dahlia Hill, a real showcase all summer long.   Because of the weather forecast (which certainly came true!), she and the other volunteers cleared out the flowers last night and she was able to keep a lovely bouquet for herself.     Sweet memories of a wonderful summer.  And now I am looking forward to lots more fun in the seasons to come.    Tomorrow I plan to see a movie with a friend -- Bridge of Spies -- and have dinner with him before it's back to another work week.   I hope your weekend has been filled with fun.  :)


Barbara said...

Yay for you and your jelly! Looks like you're getting into the spirit of the season on many fronts. I saw a whole bunch of grape recipes somewhere yesterday, but now I can't remember where it feel enticed that recipes abound. I just can't tell you where. Pickled beets happening in my kitchen today.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so glad your jelly turned out. And the pie looks yummy.

Have you ever thought of having a stamp made with your name? :-)