Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Flying By

The month, good grief, the YEAR is flying by, but I am still waiting to feel like I've got my feet firmly planted underneath me.   If I ever had any motivation, it is eluding me now.  Does anyone else have the February Blahs?   Not enough sun, not enough warmth, not enough exercise.  I need to get my mind moving!  Even my sewing has suffered.   I made, or more correctly I tried to make, a light cardigan jacket this week and it was a bust.   It doesn't fit, it looks awful, there is nothing about it that I want to salvage.   So I'll move away from that pattern and try another tunic of some kind.     The sewing takes only an hour or so, but the procrastination about cutting out the pattern can take weeks!
Last week's solstice block had hearts as part of the design, appropriate leading up to Valentine's Day.    I had intended to make the block in sea greens and white, but I ran out of the white so I added a little sunshine.   It's an odd color combination and I like it.

I have another Solstice block pattern that is cut out and ready to sew; my self-imposed deadline is tomorrow night because the next pattern will be released tomorrow morning.  It could still happen but it hasn't happened yet.

My February purse is done, cute and Spring-y.   It has little bows that tie on the sides to give it shape.  It was easy to make, as purses tend to be, and I may just make another if I run out of other projects.   I am gathering fabrics for my March purse, which will be a tote-style bag in brighter colors.
And I found the cutest Bride/Groom fleece fabric so I made an impulse throw to send to a friend who is planning her wedding.  I made it and popped it into the mail on the same morning.   I also finished yet another blanket for my brother, who is getting older and doesn't take as much care for his comfort as I think he should.  I love those super quick projects, they are so satisfying when not much else is getting done!

My mind seems lately to be spinning with problems I cannot solve and so shouldn't stress about.   I am crankier than is usual for me and feel less optimistic.   I know from my many years of experience with my moods and reactions that this is nothing more than a bad habit, and the time has come for me to start again centering myself and controlling my thoughts.   Life is good, my personal problems are small, and there is no point in spoiling my days over problems and issues outside my control.   This week's mantra:  feel it, release it, move one.   And breathe.  

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'll join you on that spinning wheel - my life suddenly seems full of annoying problems that I can't solve and sleepless nights. Ugh.

On a brighter note - I like the colors of the purse.